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God is Watching!

Posted by sibbia on August 2, 2007

God is watching through your child’s eyes,

God is watching through birds in the skies.

That lone oak stands sentinel too,

and the wind through its leaves whispers God’s words to you.

And the beautiful butterfly that just floated by? 

Was just God’s way of saying hi.

God must be watching all you do,

because there’s God looking through your eyes too!

                                                                — Zakiya Carter

A simple, yet very powerful thought to guide our actions is that God is watching.  If the Divine exists in everything we can never be alone, we can never do anything in private.  Accepting and acknowledging the fact that God is always watching can change our actions, if we allow it.

I invite my readers to try living under the realization that God is watching and sees everything we do for two days.  In what way does it change what you do or say?  Does it help you feel closer and more connected to the Divine?

This was the thought I was led to share today.  The final installment of the Effortless Meditation series should appear tomorrow.


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You Are God!

Posted by sibbia on July 18, 2007

I’ll say it again, you are God.  How can I make such an audacious claim?  Many of us recognize that the divine force is part of everything and resides in us as well, and yet don’t seek out the realization of that perfect divinity.

They may accept Jesus Christ as the son of God, without realizing that we are all sons and daughters of God, or remembering that Jesus said that we were to go forth and create even bigger works (miracles).  To the average man, this is an impossible, ludicrous statement.  Yet I remind you that we are made in God’s image and likeness and we are all an expression of only one divine force.

We are as the waves on top of the ocean — made in its image and likeness but lacking its full power and realization until we merge back to the source from which we came.  When we focus on God and God-like behavior, we are beginning that process of reconnection, for we have been surely told, “draw closer to God, and God draws closer to you.”

The highest aim of this blog is to help us realize and express our divinity.  This is the answer to any question we face, and the supply to our every need.  Everything I write, design, create and photograph is meant to inspire the very best in our nature.  Sharing and providing service to others helps strengthen my commitment to bringing light into world (starting with myself).

The more we recognize our own divinity, the stronger our faith becomes.  Fears vanish and our lives become more harmonious as we transcend the ego and align ourselves with the divine.

Piercing the veil of illusion that makes us believe we are seperate individuals removes selfishness and competition from our hearts and we being to understand our collective power.

Is this some lofty, difficult goal?  No.  Must we run off to the mountain top to meditate for ten years, forsaking all worldly concerns?  No, for how would we be of any use to others then?  When faced with a challenge, a crisis, temptation, dilemma… say to yourself simply:

Only that which is true of God is true of me for God and I are one.

Let this thought guide you, ask what God would do in that situation and do your best to behave in the same manner.  In that instance, you have reached toward God and God reaches back toward you.

There is only one thought that comes through me to share with everyone today and that is:

You Are God!

I am the artist; I am the Creator, and my life is as divine as I make it. 

See it, believe it, achieve it.

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The Platinum Rule

Posted by sibbia on June 12, 2007

What you have done unto others, you have done unto me.

I call this the platinum rule as it supersedes the “Golden Rule” of do onto others as you would have others do onto you, and this is a powerful statement no matter what your religious belief.

Most religious and spiritual paths inform us, either directly or indirectly, that we are connected, that to harm another is to ultimately harm ourselves.  Yet the illusion of separation is strong in this world and we fail to see, or acknowledge, the divine presence in others which connects us all.

Failure to recognize this connection leads to envy, selfishness, intense competitiveness, and all forms of strife and hatred. 

When we acknowledge this divine connection, we realize that to give to another is, in reality, to give to ourselves and we begin to understand the Law of Giving and Receiving.  Embracing the divine within your own person is a requirement to effectively use the golden rule.  To use and benefit from the platinum rule you must recognize and affirm the divine in others.

When we do this we cannot help but to treat the other person as he or she truly wants to be treated and generate the peace, health and goodwill in our lives that are necessary for us to succeed.

So, as seeing is believing and believing is achieving, today is an invitation to “see” your own divinity and that of others.  A sample affirmation is listed below to help create the correct thoughts and state of mind for your explorations.  If it appeals to you, use it several times a day while envisioning the calm and peace and joy that’s experienced as we connect with the divine.  If the affirmation doesn’t appeal to you, design your own or find another, and if you wish, share it with the rest of us.

Before I close, here are a few more tips for creating unity:

Smile and greet everyone who crosses your path cheerfully — extend this even to those you may not “like”

Perform an act of charity; give of your time, money or additional resources  to someone who is unable to reciprocate.

Send a prayer, positive energy or perform a meditation for someone who needs it, but you do not know.


Affirmation for Divinity

Today I embrace the divine in me and all people.

As I express my divine and highest self,

I meet with only divinity and the highest expressions of others.


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