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Prayer Request, New Shop, New Domain

Posted by sibbia on August 16, 2007

This will also be added to my news page, but I wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to read it so here goes:

 News Update for 8/16/07

First, I wanted to announce that we’re moving soon!  That’s right.  My own domain has been registered ( and I am in the middle of learning how to install and host my own wordpress powered blog.  This will make it easier to produce the podcast and add my own video content.  I’m excited!

Second, the first of my motivational pictures and notecards are for sale online!  I promise to keep the advertising to a minimum but at least they’ll be my own products (which I think are a great fit for all my readers) as opposed to columns and columns of ads. 🙂  You can visit the beginnings of my store here:  I hope selling online will be a great supplement to my vending, especially when I look at my fall schedule of classes.  Let me know what you think of my pictures!

Last, but definitely not least, I ask that you continually keep Anne in your hearts and prayers.  Her story has been moved to its permanent home here:  Please send her light, love and encouragement.

Seeing for you a life blessed beyond your wildest dreams,


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As a Man Thinketh…

Posted by sibbia on July 16, 2007

Thoughts are the foundation of all our mental pictures and, as such, they are responsible for all the situations we draw to ourselves in life.  We must develop a constant practice of guarding our thoughts and allowing our mind’s eye to see only that which we want to happen for ourselves and others.  This is what’s meant by seeing is believing and believing is achieving.

Learning to control our thoughts and emotions can be a difficult and time consuming process for some, but even if you cannot always control your thoughts (yet), you CAN control your words.  This is the point of affirmations.  How to use affirmations was discussed in the last post, so it won’t be covered again just now.  I do, however, want my readers to look forward to the future inclusion of a new page on this blog; one especially for affirmations.  Any that I have written or found useful will be included.

In addition, I’ve decided to make my affirmation cards available to any of my readers who would like one.  These cards are approximately 4 x 6 and laminated.  Some include pictures and scripture, all include affirmations I’ve found particularly helpful for different subjects.  They are meant to be carried everyone and easily fit in a purse or back pocket.

I’ve found myself facing a challenge and my personal response to this is the same that is advocated on this blog — give, nurture, be creative, have faith and be thankful.

I know that my success comes through helping others and what could be better than helping others become more successful?

If you’re interested in receiving a card for yourself or a friend, please send me an email,, include your name, address, and type of situation you are faced with or problem/trait you want to address.

Remember, all roads lead to God.


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