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Your Divine Mother

Posted by sibbia on October 17, 2007

Who is God? What is God?  What images does the word bring to mind for you?

Far too often God is depicted as a stern, judgmental Father, someone to whom you must answer for all the wrongs committed in your lifetime.  Perhaps this is why many have moved to use the term, the Universe or Creator, but what is it that you picture when you call out to the Universe to support you?  What image comes to mind when you ask the Creator for help?

Just how should one picture God in our prayers and meditations?

This may help:

     “I have trouble visualizing God,” complained a student of religious New Thought.  “I’ve imagined Him as Infinite Intelligence, as the I AM principle, as my God-Self within, as the Cosmic Ground of Being.  It all seems so abstract!  But your relationship with the Lord is so loving.  How can I achieve such a relationship?”

     “The first step,” replied the Master, “is not to imagine that He wants your definitions.  He wants only your love.

     “Why not,” Yogananda then suggested, “worship the Infinite as your Divine Mother?”

     “What a lovely idea!” exclaimed the visitor. “But is it valid? Is it true?”

     “Indeed, yes!” replied Sri Yogananda emphatically.  “God’s love is already reflected in human relationships.  His love, like the sunlight shining on countless pieces of glass, is reflected everywhere.”

     “The Infinite is the Mother behind all human mothers, the true Father behind all human fathers.  He is the ever-loyal Friend behind all earthly friends.  He is the eternal Beloved behind all human loves.  He is all things to all men, because, you see, the Lord is everything.”

     “Through your parents He cares for you, supports you, and protects you.  Through your friends He shows you that love is a free sharing, without any hint of compulsion.  Through the beloved He helps one to find the selfless intensity of divine love.  Through people’s children He helps them to understand love as something precious, as a thing to be protected from harmful influences and nourished with devotion.

     “Countless are the forms in which God comes to man.  In each, He seeks to teach man something of His infinite nature.  The lessons are there, for anyone whose heart is open to receive them.

     “Thus, it isn’t that the Lord wants you to deny your human nature.  What He wants, rather, is for you to purify it:  to expand whatever love you feel in your heart, and not to keep it locked up in ego-attachments.

     “For the devotee, it is natural therefore to worship God in some human aspect:  as his Divine Mother, for example, or as his Heavenly Father.

     “I myself worship the Mother aspect, especially.  For the Mother is closer than the Father.  The Father aspect of God represents that part which is aloof from His creation. The Mother is creation itself.  Even among mankind, the human father is more disposed than the mother to judge their erring children.  The mother always forgives.

     “Pray, then, to the Divine Mother.  Talk to Her like a child: ‘Divine Mother, naughty or good, I am Your own.  You must release me from this delusion.’  The Mother ever responds with compassion when the devotee prays to Her sincerely in this way.

     “Of course, in the highest sense God is none of the forms in whicih people worship Him.  But it is helpful to use human concepts as a means of deepening our devotion to Him.

   “Beyond devotion comes divine love.  In that perfection of love there is complete union.  In that state the yogi realizes the supreme truth:  ‘I am That.’ “

– taken from the Essence of Self-Realization:  The Wisom of Paramhansa Yogananda

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Life Purpose and Enlightment with Wayne Dyer

Posted by sibbia on July 25, 2007

Spend some time here today to stop and really consider what we want in life and where we are going.  Each audio or video clip ranges from 5 – 9 minutes, and are totally worth your time. 

A Trip to the Beach


How Far Have We Come On Our Journey? 

Ten Symptoms of Inner Peace (Part I)


Ten Symptoms of Inner Peace (Part II)


We’ll finish off today’s Wayne Driver series with a look at the power of intention so we can move forward in creating the life we were meant to live.

Sorcery? Intention?

A different definition of both sorcery and intention:

The Power of Intention (Part I)


The Power of Intention (Part II)

This one cuts off a little early, but the message was too important not to be included.


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Becoming A Divine Vessel (Summary)

Posted by sibbia on July 12, 2007

The Becoming a Divine Vessel series was presented with the goal of providing us the means to express the divine force inside us on a regular basis.

It is a five step program that is as simple or as complex as we choose to make it.  Any one step can bring great change into our lives if we focus on it with diligent attention.  As a group, they encompass the spiritual Laws necessary to bring us closer to God and reflect God’s light and power into the world.

It is also important to note that these Laws are not only a foundation for spiritual success; they are key to our material success and manifestation as well.  When we realize the Divine plan for our life is whole and perfect, we are content to accept only that which is God’s will for us.  This frees us from envy, fear, worry and doubt, and this freedom opens the channels for the abundant, Universal supply to flow to and through us. 

To review, the five steps that were given to us are:
1. Listen to the Quiet Voice — Seek God’s guidance.  Trust in more than your mind and your senses.  Allow the answer, idea, or help you need to come to you.  Expect it without fear or worry and it will be so.

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you. – Psalm 32:8
2.  Learn to Nurture — Make caring and kindness part of your nature.  Start in small ways and expand on it.  Dedicate yourself to caring for something from thought to finish, remembering you reap what you sow.
3.  Be Creative — A hallmark of God’s nature, creation.  Develop creativity as you would a muscle.  Train it exercise it, and use it daily so that it will be there to serve you when you really need it.
4.  Establish Order — Refuse to let chaos rule in your thoughts or your surroundings.  Pay strict attention to your thoughts, words, and the things you allow to influence you — your surroundings, choice of books, music, movies, etc.
5.  Forgiveness — Let go and let God.  Reconcile yourself with the things of your past.  Hold no resentment or ill will towards another being.  Instead send forth love so that love may return to you.

May these words help to guide you along your path!

The Divine in me recognizes and celebrates the Divine in you,


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Becoming A Divine Vessel (Part Five)

Posted by sibbia on July 10, 2007

One of the conditions that block the expression of the divine force inside us is our failure to embrace one simple virtue — forgiveness.


1. To give up resentment of.

                   2. To cease to feel resentment against.

The idea of a forgiving God is clear in the Scripture, “Thou art a God of forgiveness, gracious and compassionate, slow to anger, and abounding in loving kindness. And Thou did not forsake them.” (Nehemiah 9:17)

This idea of forgiveness as a Divine virtue transcends any particular religion. It can be seen everywhere. A Muslim starts a prayer with: “In the name of Allah most gracious most merciful.”

The need for forgiveness also lies outside of any spiritual venue — physical ailments, psychological disorders, and great loss of life have all been tied to a lack of forgiveness.

That said, forgiveness should be a daily practice. It can be extremely healing and transformative. Forgiveness is another method for establishing divine order and, as such, helps to release any blocks which stop the flow of good into your life. In securing the good (blessings) we expect to receive, we must remember that achieving true faith, becoming more successful, and finding our place in the world is not an act of force. It is a quiet determination and desire for good which is allowed to guide all our actions. Allow this desire for good (in other words, success and blessings in all aspects of life) to permeate your being. Send that desire forth, expecting it to return to you in countless ways. Now knowing that we are all connected and that we reap what we sow, how could we wish anything but success for another?

Realize that your “enemy” is God, that your “competition” is God, that you are God and bless everyone in every situation that crosses your path. Affirm that everyone and everything ultimately works for your own success as you desire only the best for others. Do this several times a day until it takes hold in your spirit and watch it unfold in your life.

This one practice is more important than the other four covered in the Becoming a Divine Vessel series. It is transformative and if you are new to the practice of active forgiveness, you may be shocked at how much you have to forgive — broken promises, past relationships, family conflicts, competitors, childhood trauma… forgive them all, let them go and embrace the abundance of love and light that now comes into your life.

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Creating Special Moments

Posted by sibbia on July 8, 2007


Far too often we get caught up in the busy hustle of our daily lives. We lose our sense of peace and fall prey to worry and doubt, failing to acknowledge and enjoy the numerous opportunities for closeness, relaxation and the beauty of life. We are not the only victims when this happens, those around us are too. Friends, family, loved ones… and especially children, who are too young to understand what is happening. We are teaching the young (our children especially) around us how life is supposed to be lived. This is a lesson learned by observation, and class is always in session, whether we care to be teaching or not. We never know what may be remembered about us, what legacy we may leave to those close to us. So take a moment to relax and simply enjoy being.

The author below did just that. I hope you enjoy her story. As for me? I think I’ll make pancakes.

Rainy Days and Sundaes
by Lisa Machi

My parents gave me a wonderful gift a few years ago, a comfy wicker sofa, with big blue overstuffed cushions. It was with that first piece of outdoor furniture that I anointed my back porch. It is a lovely covered porch with steps leading down to a back yard filled with Redbuds and Rhododendron. It overlooks a lush green acre situated behind the red brick house my husband, son and I call home. This gift was special in that it created a sacred space for me to receive inspiration, and find a deep sense of peace. While it didn’t change my life, it did change my outlook on rainy days.

Art is my great passion. I believe in seeing our lives as works of art. Indeed, your life should be your magnum opus, the creative expression of the divinity within you. We should never give up an opportunity to turn whatever beautiful element we encounter in our daily lives into a colorful page in the book of our life. I had the opportunity to make one of those magical moments recently by simply giving my love and awareness to my son and the smell of the rain.

The smell of rain is something that I’ve always loved, even as a child. That scent is somehow more than just something we smell. We feel it as well. It is visceral, and it certainly has an effect on our brain chemistry. The minute you step outside on a rainy day and inhale deeply, letting that scent fill you up, you will experience that peaceful quality it brings with it.

I sit curled up one spring evening in my soft, fleece PJ’s, with a cup of tea and a cozy blanket, watching the rain. I call my son out to join me. Being seven, he was, not surprisingly, less enchanted by the lulling drops of rain and the pure clean smell of the air.

“What is it?” he asks with a sigh and only the slightest hint of annoyance.

“Come and sit with me”. I called him over. He joined me although he was obviously anxious to get back to his game he had been playing, until Mom interrupted him with her ‘love of nature’. But, being the tolerant child he is, he indulged me. He joined me curled up under the thick blanket on the wicker couch, snuggling up by my side.

“Just watch the rain with me for a minute. And, smell the air. Doesn’t it smell good when it rains?”

“Yeah. I guess so.” was his response.

He’s a sweet boy, and he loves his Mom. Loves spending time with me whether it’s playing a board game, splashing in the ocean, trudging through an art museum, or curled up under a blanket watching the rain. I gently stroked his hair for a minute, noticing how it looks like mine did when I was his age, dark honey. I kissed his cheek and told him he could go back to what he was doing. He gave me a hug and a smile and bounded back inside.

I don’t know why we remember the things we do. Why some memories are forever and others fade away. Maybe sitting curled up under a blanket on a rainy day with Mom will be one of those memories he takes with him into adulthood. Maybe he will even hold it up tenderly for perusal after I’m gone. Or, maybe it will slowly fade from memory, only to be one more little butterfly fluttering past his mind’s eye one day as he walks to his car on a rainy day.

Even simple everyday occurrences can be infused with love when we are mindful of them. With our conscious attention they can become something sacred and beautiful. I feel a great sense of gratitude for my life, my child, my home, and for the sense of peace I have had bestowed upon me by just a few quiet minutes spent listening to the rain, smelling it, feeling it, sharing it. I want to take the peacefulness and gratitude that I feel in this moment and share it with the whole world.

I think I’ll go inside now, so we can make sundaes.

Lisa Machi is a proud wife, mother, artist and writer with degrees in psychology and sociology. She is an active volunteer and enjoys studying comparative religion, with a special emphasis on Buddhist and Taoist texts. She is currently at work on her first novel. Go Lisa!

If you are interested in being featured as a guest author, please contact me at

The Becoming a Divine Vessel series continues Monday or Tuesday. Namaste!

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Becoming a Divine Vessel (Part Two)

Posted by sibbia on June 29, 2007


Becoming divine — recognizing and expressing that God force within us is not a one step process. We do not need to be perfect or candidates for sainthood. We need to allow the divine to work through us — and in that moment we are a divine vessel.

Learn to Nurture

Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Its hallmarks are caring, concern and the ability to put someone or something before ourselves. When we start to recognize the web of interconnectedness among all living things, it is easier to feel and express love but we don’t have to wait for that knowledge to suddenly come to us in one fell swoop. We can encourage it… by learning to nuture.

Everyone should have something which is dependent on his or her care — someone, something or some project which
they can help succeed. Plants and pets are good choices and children and older parents/relatives are quintessential examples. Here are four suggestions to get you started. If you think of more, please post a comment.

1. Sponsor a Child but don’t stop there. Send letters or a card, just to say I hope you’re well.

2. Start a garden. Watch something grow from seed. Water it, protect it from weeds, add plant food and enjoy the, umm, fruits of your labor. 🙂

3. Bring home a pet! Adopt a dog or cat or even bring fish or a songbird into your home. Pets have numerous benefits in addition to bringing more love into your home.

4. Mentor. A child, a co-worker, a classmate, someone new to your hobby or new to your business. The person will never forget your help, and you might be surprised to find how it benefits you as well.

Remember, we reap what we sow. What seeds have you planted today?

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