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The All Encompassing Light of a Smile

Posted by sibbia on November 6, 2007

The best purchase I’ve ever made was of a small book.  So tiny it was, about the size of a 3.5 by 5″ photograph, I practically discounted it when it finally arrived in the mail.  Opening its pages has opened my mind and I am coming to think of it as my personal bible.

 The little gem is titled, “Metaphysical Meditations” and is by Paramahansa Yogananda and I want to share two of the meditations with you today.

The Light of Smiles

   I will light the match of smiles.  My gloom veil will disappear.  I shall behold my soul in the light of my smiles, hidden behind the accumulated darkness of ages.  When I find myself, I shall race through all hearts with the torch of my soul-smiles.  My heart will smile first, then my eyes and my face.  Every body part will shine in the light of smiles.

   I will run amid the thickets of melancholy hearts and make a bonfire of all sorrows.  I am the irresistible fire of smiles.  I will fan myself with the breeze of God-joy and blaze my way through the darkness of all minds.  My smiles will convey His smiles and whoever meets me will catch a whiff of my divine joy.  I will carry fragrant purifying torches of smiles for all hearts.

   I will help weeping ones to smile, by smiling myself, even when it is difficult. 

   In the cheer of all hearts I hear the echo of Thy bliss.  In the friendship of all true hearts I discover Thy friendship.  I rejoice as much in the prosperity of my brothers as I do in my own prosperity.  In helping others to be wise I increase my own wisdom.  In the happiness of all I find my own happiness.

   Nothing shall blight my smiles.  Grim death, disease, or failure cannot daunt me.  Disaster cannot really touch me, for within my soul I possess the unconquerable, unchangeable, ever new bliss of God.

   O divine silent Laughter, be enthrroned beneath the canopy of my countenance and smile through my soul.

   I will be a joy billionaire, finding my wealth in the coin of Thy realm — ever new bliss.  Thus I satisfy my need for spiritual and material prosperity at the same time.

One more that is good to use every day.

Spreading Divine Joy

   Beginning with the early dawn each day, I will radiate joy to everyone I meet.  I will be mental sunshine for all who cross my path.  I will burn candles of smiles in the bosoms of the joyless.  Before the unfading light of my cheer, darkness will take flight.

   Let my love spread its laughter in all hearts, in every person belonging to every race.  Let my love rest in the hearts of flowers, of animals, and of little specks of star-dust.

   I will try to be happy under all circumstances.  I will make up my mind to be happy within myself right now, where I am today.

   Let my soul smile through my heart and let my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter Thy rich smiles in sad hearts.

   I will always behold in my life the perfect, healthy, all-wise, all-blissful image of God.

May you all be always blessed with divine joy, divine peace and the light of inner smiles to chase away the darkness.

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The Trial of Your Life

Posted by sibbia on November 3, 2007

Gavel, judge

You stand before the judge and your eyes nervously scan the room.  Friends, family and co-workers line the room.  The faces of people you only vaguely recognize join them.  You start in surprise to notice the face of a beggar you regularly pass as you hurry from one place to another. 

“What is he doing here?” you ask yourself. 

They’ve all been called as witnesses.  Because today you find yourself on trial.  The trial of your life, the trial for and about your life. 

All your choices and actions have been called into question.  They are the foundation upon which you must build the case for your beliefs. 

You’ve been accused of being Christian!  Is there enough evidence to convict? 

You’ve been accused of being spiritual.  Do your actions support that statement? 

You claim to believe in personal freedoms, creativity and expression.  How do you treat those very different from yourself?  How often do you try something new?  What way have you made your mark on the world? 

You say you believe in God, the Divine, a Supreme Being, angels, the spirits of your ancestors, the collective unconsciousness… how often to you try to connect, pray for guidance, release your worries and cares to a higher power? 

Too often we say something is important to us, but our actions aren’t in alignment with that statement.  We talk about the value of family, for instance.  Yet in actuality, spend very little time with our loved ones.  We say that life is short, yet constantly put off our hopes and dreams. 

Oh, we have a myriad of creative excuses for our behavior.  Comfortable logic that we depend on whenever our conscious begins to nag at us. 

All I can say is: 

Tell it to the judge.

One of the best things we can do for ourselves is to put our actions in alignment with our thoughts and ideas.  Diligent attention to this one thought would change our lives dramatically. – Sibbia

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The Little Divine Messenger — Personal Account 10/17/07

Posted by sibbia on October 17, 2007

After a particularly difficult morning, my daughter happily bounced into the room.  Pleased to see this change in her, I waited to see what she wanted.

“Hey Mom?”


“God gave me a message for you!”

“Oh, really?  And just what would that be, Simone?”

“God said not to worry!  He’s going to take care of allll of your problems today.  So you can just relax.”

“Is that so?  Did Marcus put you up to this? ….”

After a bit more prodding and her confident little assurances that this was a Divine Revelation, I shrugged my shoulders and thanked her.  I agreed that this was wonderful news and that I would hand over all my problems and concerns to God today and just relax.

And what a day it’s been!

Someone I haven’t spoken to in months popped up to resolve our differences, someone else emailed me to let me know about a source of funding, I received a message to discover that someone had found a craft fair for me to go to in December, the university processed my refund request today… I even decided to ignore the fact that I was running late so that I could stop to pick up something to eat, only to discover the other party was later than I was!

Any and every time I thought, “God’s handling this,” the situation worked out smoothly and I realized I’ve come to depend on myself too much lately. 

This process has worked so well, that I intend to incorporate it all the time in every situation I can and I would like to invite all of you to give it a try.

I want to tell all of you that God is going to take care of all of your problems today, so turn them over!  Now you can just relax.

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Posted by sibbia on October 5, 2007

“If you have control over it, then there’s no need to worry.  Likewise, if you have no control over it,
there’s no sense in worrying about it.  That takes care of anything you could worry about.”

Fear.  That monumental four letter word.  It is insidious and cunning.  It starts small and whispers in your ear.  It influences your thoughts and gradually takes hold of you — pretty at first, like the vines on a tree or the ivy covering a house, protective even.  It grows slowly, searching for places to lay down new roots. And if you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself ensnared, trapped in its iron-clad hold, struggling to get free.

And that’s only if you’re lucky.  Most of us never try to escape, or realize there is something to escape from.


It’s the voice that disguises itself as comfort and security.


It’s the reason you haven’t asked for that date.  Haven’t made that call.  Decided to wait before you wrote that book, submitted that proposal, asked for a raise, ventured out on your own…


It’s left you unsure, makes you hesitate, steals your power…


It searches for a weakness then grows without bounds!

F E A R !

Either it controls you or you control it.


What do you do?

Just take that first step…


Seek it out and fight it!




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Human Potential

Posted by sibbia on September 23, 2007

What do you think one person can do?  How much can be achieved in one lifetime?  How much can be achieved later in life?

Human potential is a fascinating subject full of quirks, mysteries and much debate.  And this particular period of history is thought by many to offer a better chance for the development of an individual’s true potential than ever before.  But is this true?

We have more (and better and faster) access to information than ever before, but as a whole we use less of it.  We are content with focusing on increasingly narrow specializations without seeking a broader understanding of the happenings outside our field or the world around us.

And when we do dream or wonder or seek to explore, too often we are told (or tell ourselves) that we couldn’t, it’s too much or too big a goal for one person, or we’re too old, don’t have enough time, will never have enough money.

Instead, we remember that we used to want to be a doctor, or start a school, write a novel, learn an instrument, travel more, start a business… but we continue to lead lives that we consider more “practical” or “stable”.

That said, there are brave souls who desire to break the mold.  They are courageous enough to “try to do it all”, or make major life changes.  People who walk away from successful careers to start their own businesses, become a medical doctor at age 50, run several different businesses, websites and blogs, finally climb Mt. Everest and other accomplishments I can only imagine.

Such people are shining examples of what one person can do and how one lifetime can be used.  As this is a fascination of mine, I will profile such people when I run across inspiring stories.

 I hope we all get a better understanding of just how much each of us really can achieve.

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What would you wish for?

Posted by sibbia on September 8, 2007

When a star is born
They possess a gift or two
One of them is this
They have the power to make a wish come true

When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires will come to you

If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star as dreamers do

Fate is kind
She brings to those who love
The sweet fulfillment of their secret longing

Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true

If you had true power what would you do with it?  What would change? Who would benefit and how?  I’m very familiar with the idea that those responsible enough to be granted “true” power (not just the status money and position can grant you) are also able to realize it can seldom, if ever, be used to cater to individual whims and desires.  That mastery of self and a great love for others would be necessary to wield power effectively.

“If you want to lead the people, you must love the people.”

What would happen if everything you said or thought became truth?  This is a question that deserves to be pondered by anyone who consciously works with the Law of Attraction.  Some forget that all thoughts have energy, and all emotions draw situations — not just the ones we would like to matter at the moment.

The question came to me, as clear as someone’s voice, “Why should we help you?”  And my current desires came to mind… a new car, help with my children, help with the house, more money… and the answers to those thoughts flooded my mind as pictures:  my ability to walk, the car share service I use, my children’s health and vitality, those without a place to live, that all my major bills were paid and I have money in my pocket…

I was chastened and I could find no words to answer why I should be helped, or even considered.  All I thought I wanted felt meaningless and the desire fell away.  In that place of peace I found my answer to the question of why I should be helped.  I smiled and bravely spoke the words:

Because I want to help others.

“We’ll see,” came the reply.

The exchange was new to me and I have no words to even attempt to label it.  I’ve never believed I needed to prove myself worthy and while I’ve wondered alot recently about communication with angels and spirit guides, I know very little about the process, and what I read doesn’t help clear things up for me.

What I do know is that sense of peace and freedom from need hasn’t left me, and when I pulled up my reader to check my favorite blogs, I found myself visiting the Genie King and Genie Princess as they were just leaving Mighty Morgan’s space.

Genie King

Genie Princess

And I couldn’t ignore them as silly (but fun!) as the idea seemed to me.  I came back to the thought of what would I do if my words came true? So I closed my eyes and made a wish.  (see below)

If you’d like to add a wish of your own follow the instructions below:

***Start Copying Here***


1. Write a short paragraph about your visit by the two Genies and include a link to the blog that passed on the Genie Symbol to you.
2. COPY the Rules and ENTIRE List below and post it on your blog.
3. List down your wish.
4. Place your name below the last name on the list and pass on the Genie Symbol to at least 5 other bloggers.
5. Please put up either one (or both) of the Symbols of the Genies on your blog to show that the Genies have visited your blog. See Jesse’s site for the Codes to the Genie images.

The Genie King, the Genie Princess and their trusty Genie Buddy have visited:

Mariuca would like to wish for success and fame.
Adrian would like to wish for good health and happiness.
Emila would like to wish for happiness and success.

MPG would like to wish for love and peace.
Bobby would like to wish for the powers of Superman and immortality.
Jean would like to wish for stress-free work environment and happiness.
Jesse would like a great isp and a Yummy box of chocolates.

Rolando would like everyone’s hearts desire to come true.
SpeedCat Hollydale would like a pet acorn monkey named “Monkee”.
Jay would like to wish for 10k visitors and readers per day.
Spiff, The Spaceman would like a billion US Dollars! (Am I being too greedy here?)

Trinity would like to wish good health for Jan’s brother and Yah and Wan and success.
Joezul would like to wish for all to get their wish come true.
Sam would like to wish for a happy & simple life and happiness to everyone.

Mighty Morgan would like to wish for love, laughter, sunshine and blue skies all in a single day for EVERYONE!!!

Sibbia would like to wish that Anne keeps her house and that she (and anyone else who finds themselves in need) is guided to the proper channels for the Universe to pour abundance and prosperity in her (or his) life.
Welcome aboard the Magical Flying Carpet for the Ride of your Life!


***End Copying Here***

 Last, but not least, here are five other bloggers I invite to join me on the magic carpet ride:

Sophia from Visions of the World,

CuriousC at Idea Jump,

SE from Surface Earth,

The wonderful, now happy, chicka at Reasons to Live,

and Catherine from Continuum Wellness!

Close your eyes and make a wish!

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One Word At a Time

Posted by sibbia on September 6, 2007

    “The heights by great men reached and kept,
Were not attained by sudden flight,
But they, while their companions slept,
Were toiling upward in the night.”
– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

One thought.  One phrase.  One word.  Some times this is all a blogger has before they begin to craft a post for their audience.  One simple word becomes the foundation for a gathering of 300 to 500 of its brothers and sisters; the foundation for a compelling argument, a short story, or the latest political commentary.  All begun with one simple thought.

Many writers are familiar with the idea of letting their creations unfold, and discovering the story while in the telling of it.  They don’t know how the story will end and must write to learn what happens to their characters and the land where they live.  Even in  the realm of non-fiction writing, the path between the first word and the last is often a long, winding one.  The journey cannot be accurately predicted ahead.  It must be begun to discover where it leads.

So too does life lead us on long, meandering roads, with twists and turns that defy our best plans and predictions.  Often a path must be chosen with no clear view of what lies ahead, and there is only a thought, idea or strong desire to serve as guidepost.

Just like the writer whose path begins with a solitary word, the road to a life of fulfillment, wealth, success often begins with little but a quiet thought, a simple need… one solitary idea, and the faith to take the first step.

So when there is something you want to accomplish, but you say, I don’t know how.  Something you want to try, but you say, it’ll never work.  Some dream you want to pursue, but you say, when I have more time, when the kids are older, when I have more money…

Take a step.  Gather your faith.  And take a tip from both writers and the designers of the automobile.

For a car can drive through the night for miles and miles by only lighting the way for a few feet ahead, and a book of a thousand pages began as a single word on an otherwise blank page.

So take it one word, one step, one day at a time.

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Your Own Personal Theme Song

Posted by sibbia on September 3, 2007

“Oh say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave… O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?” 

National anthems, team fight songs and even company taglines are all used to promote loyalty, recognition and victory.  The right combination of words and music has the power to stir the soul.   It is uplifting and encouraging.  And it can be held onto even in the darkest of times.

I have spoken before about music, and another way to effectively use its influence is to adopt your own personal theme song.  You probably already have a song (or several) that you are drawn to because of the lyrics, some piece of music that seems as if it were written to describe you or some situation you’re going through.

Claim it.  Make it your own.

Pick something that stirs you, that makes you say, “I CAN do this!” 

Then… play it when you have success, play it when you think you don’t, play it when you feel discouraged, play it just to say, “this is me, this is true.”

There are thousands of songs out there to choose from, but I’ll share with you some of my favorites.  I’ve worked with them long enough that any one of them can set me back on the right track.

  • Survivor, Destiny’s Child — I originally used this song to help deal with breakups or unexpected mishaps, but now it’s general encouragement. (It’s even good when still attempting crazy physics or statics homework problems at 2 am, which are due the next day of course — truly multipurpose.)                           

“You thought that I would self-destruct, But I’m still here,  even in my years to come, I’m still gon’ be here.  I’m a survivor (what), I’m not gonna give up (what), I’m not gon’ stop (what), I’m gonna work harder (what),
I’m a survivor (what), I’m gonna make it (what), I will survive (what), Keep on survivin’ (what)!!

  • Everything Louder Than Everything Else, Meatloaf — A strange choice for a theme song perhaps.  This song is useful whenever I have to deal with situations that want me to conform, which really isn’t likely to happen.  Or just to remind me that I’ve come to benefit from being “different”.

 If I had to pick just one sample of this song that means the most to mean when I listen to it, it would be:

“If you want to get it done, you got to fight for yourself
And I like my music like I like my life
Everything louder than everything else
Everything louder than everything else
Everything louder than everything else”

  • Fame, Irene Cara — Fame! “I’m going to live forever.  I feel it coming together…”  What more needs to be said? 

 Baby, remember my name! 😉

  • What a feeling, Irene Cara — Have you ever really listened to the lyrics of this song??  Attraction in action.

Take your passion, and make it happen
Pictures come alive, you can dance right through your life
What a feeling (I can really have it all)
What a feeling (Pictures come alive when I call)
I can have it all (I can really have it all) 

And, number one on the charts of personal theme songs… whatever the problem, whatever the issue, the one that says it all…  Aerosmith’s Dream On!!!

Half my life is in books’ written pages
Lived and learned from fools and from sages
You know it’s true.  All the things come back to you

Sing with me, sing for the year
Sing for the laughter, sing for the tears
Sing with me, if it’s just for today
Maybe tomorrow, the good Lord will take you away

Dream On Dream On Dream On
Dream until your dreams come true
Dream On Dream On Dream On
Dream until your dream comes true
Dream On Dream On Dream On

Readers, dream on, dream big, dream often… dream until your dreams come true.

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Ten Questions That Can Change Your Life

Posted by sibbia on August 28, 2007

This is a follow-up to my post, Asking the Right Questions.  I promised questions that can help change your life.  Here are ten questions to help you start your quest!

  • What could I do to bring myself closer and more connected to (God, my mate, my family, other people)?
  • What would I do with my life if money was no object?
  • What could I do to make my world a better, happier, more peaceful place today?
  • How can I live the life of my dreams?
  • What do I really want?
  • What one thing, big or small, could I do to improve my current situation right now? 
  • How can I easily tap into an abundance of ideas for (creating more income, advancing my career, finding my perfect mate…)?
  • What can I do to easily earn more money now?
  • What small thing can I do to make my life more meaningful?
  • In what way can I experience abundance today?  What can I do to keep the abundant mindset?

Now, add your own questions and type them out in Word.  Print two copies, one to keep with you and one on your nightstand so they are at hand first thing in the morning and just before you go to sleep. Review them often and be ready for creative insights.

Remember, the key to this practice is repetition and an open mind.  Expect that answers will come to you and be ready to act on them.  Keep a small notebook with you at all times so that you can write down any ideas you have. 

Good luck!

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What is your dream?

Posted by sibbia on August 26, 2007

Exactly what is a dream and what is your dream?  This is the question being asked by Lisa Murray as she films a documentary she calls, “I Have Dreams, Damn It!”

I’ve included Lisa’s original question and a select few video responses, the last (but not least) being from your favorite blogger!


 Lisa’s Original Request

One Woman Answers

 This one wants to empower millions and make millions of dollars, awesome!!

My Answer:

What do you think and what are YOUR dreams?

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