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Goal Setting, Getting Religion and No More Poor Students!

Posted by sibbia on December 15, 2007

A little while ago, I wrote a post called, “But I don’t have the money!”, which deals with limiting beliefs about money and our own personal ability to have something at any given time.

At the end I posed a question, and in the quintessential seeing is believing and believing in achieving vein, and of course practicing what I preach, I’ve been asking myself the same question as well.

Before attending school full-time and some time afterward, I often made the comment about not looking forward to being a “poor college student” or how I’d be a poor college student for a few years but it would all be worthwhile in the long run.

In some ways, I started to create that very reality.

Fast forward a few years and another thought came into my awareness and began to take root in the fertile soil of my mind. That thought is, “I can’t (or shouldn’t) go to graduate school after I graduate. I need to get a job.”

Yet three or four years have passed between my lamenting my evitable fate as a poor college student and the thought that I can’t go to grad school. I’ve done enough work in that time to recognize the thought for what it is — a limiting belief which will play out in the drama of my life if I accept it.

So this means I need to tackle head on the issues which helped create that thought in my head. These are the family obligations that surround my brilliant but difficult child combined with financial concerns.

To that end, I’ve decided to aggressively work on my spiritual development (including a mantra practice, more about that later), family therapy and business building techniques.

To keep myself accountable (and to occasionally solicit helpful input) I’m announcing my goals for 2008 to the blogosphere.

They are to:

  • heal my relationship with my daughter and find her whatever help she needs,
  • gain facility (over 125,000 repetitions) with two mantras and evaluate the results,
  • raise my GPA over 3.59, and
  • earn $2,000 or more a month, part-time, from my own business activities.

I will chronicle my steps to achieving these goals weekly or bi-weekly interspersed with my other writing. If I haven’t made the progress I wanted, I’ll detail that honestly, along with reasons why. Hopefully, what works and what doesn’t will be easy to see and someone else can learn from my trial and error.

My first step for the first two goals have been taken. Monday I will contact the people who are working with me and my daughter and I have chosen my first mantra and have been working with it for a week now. As for my schooling, I’ve decided to start working on organic chem II before the term starts since I have most of the material for that course already. Money is a little trickier — I plan to work on an affiliate program, start another blog, and create a (simple?) program I could use and other bloggers might enjoy.

And this coming Saturday or next, we’ll see how any and all of that works!


“Today is the future you created yesterday, tomorrow is the future you create today.”

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The Trial of Your Life

Posted by sibbia on November 3, 2007

Gavel, judge

You stand before the judge and your eyes nervously scan the room.  Friends, family and co-workers line the room.  The faces of people you only vaguely recognize join them.  You start in surprise to notice the face of a beggar you regularly pass as you hurry from one place to another. 

“What is he doing here?” you ask yourself. 

They’ve all been called as witnesses.  Because today you find yourself on trial.  The trial of your life, the trial for and about your life. 

All your choices and actions have been called into question.  They are the foundation upon which you must build the case for your beliefs. 

You’ve been accused of being Christian!  Is there enough evidence to convict? 

You’ve been accused of being spiritual.  Do your actions support that statement? 

You claim to believe in personal freedoms, creativity and expression.  How do you treat those very different from yourself?  How often do you try something new?  What way have you made your mark on the world? 

You say you believe in God, the Divine, a Supreme Being, angels, the spirits of your ancestors, the collective unconsciousness… how often to you try to connect, pray for guidance, release your worries and cares to a higher power? 

Too often we say something is important to us, but our actions aren’t in alignment with that statement.  We talk about the value of family, for instance.  Yet in actuality, spend very little time with our loved ones.  We say that life is short, yet constantly put off our hopes and dreams. 

Oh, we have a myriad of creative excuses for our behavior.  Comfortable logic that we depend on whenever our conscious begins to nag at us. 

All I can say is: 

Tell it to the judge.

One of the best things we can do for ourselves is to put our actions in alignment with our thoughts and ideas.  Diligent attention to this one thought would change our lives dramatically. – Sibbia

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What is your dream?

Posted by sibbia on August 26, 2007

Exactly what is a dream and what is your dream?  This is the question being asked by Lisa Murray as she films a documentary she calls, “I Have Dreams, Damn It!”

I’ve included Lisa’s original question and a select few video responses, the last (but not least) being from your favorite blogger!


 Lisa’s Original Request

One Woman Answers

 This one wants to empower millions and make millions of dollars, awesome!!

My Answer:

What do you think and what are YOUR dreams?

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Life’s Peaks and Valleys

Posted by sibbia on August 6, 2007


Life is cyclic.  Seasons change, flowers bloom, then wither and die only to bloom again.  The first buds on a tree’s bare branch heralds the coming of spring then becomes a profusion of flowers, an abundance of shading giving summer leaves, a glorious shower of fall foliage, only to become a bare branch once again.

Neither state is any better or worse than another.  All are necessary and each has its place.  It is simply the way of the world.  There are periods of growth and abundance, as well as death and decay.  Our lives also have these same periods. 

 Most of the time these seasons are reflected in our lives in the course of a month, a week, or the 24 hours of a day.  If drawn on a graph they would be be shown as many, relatively small, ups and downs.  Nothing too dramatic or earth-shaking.  Life is relatively stable.

There are periods, however, when everything seems to slide downhill.  Health problems, death in the family, marriage troubles, sudden financial loss… they all pile together, gradually picking up steam, until they appear to charge at you with an unstoppable momentum and you are faced with an overwhelming feeling of loss, fear or despair.

Yet… however bad things many seem… whatever problems you are facing… you can handle it.

Life never gives you more than you can handle.  It only seems that way.  So when something has done its best to bring you low, look up!  Aim high!  And be thankful!

Be thankful?  Yes, thankful!  Be glad, be joyful, get happy!  Have you never seen the pendulum on a grandfather clock?  Have you never noticed that however low a sine wave goes, it rises again to a peak just as high?  After every winter, spring comes again.  After every night, a sunrise!  Has the dawn ever failed you?

No matter how long or dark your personal winter is… no matter what choices, conditions or situation brought it about… spring WILL comes.  Hold to that vision of spring.  Turn whatever challenge you are facing, big or small, into an opportunity for growth. 

I remember hearing a story of a woman who created a fortune for herself by inventing a gadget that kept toddlers from unrolling the toilet paper!

Every challenge or problem is nothing but a stepping stone to your own good, if you choose to see it that way.

Remember, seeing is believing and believing is achieving.  See your way to happiness, love, joyful abundance and lasting health.


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Creating Special Moments

Posted by sibbia on July 8, 2007


Far too often we get caught up in the busy hustle of our daily lives. We lose our sense of peace and fall prey to worry and doubt, failing to acknowledge and enjoy the numerous opportunities for closeness, relaxation and the beauty of life. We are not the only victims when this happens, those around us are too. Friends, family, loved ones… and especially children, who are too young to understand what is happening. We are teaching the young (our children especially) around us how life is supposed to be lived. This is a lesson learned by observation, and class is always in session, whether we care to be teaching or not. We never know what may be remembered about us, what legacy we may leave to those close to us. So take a moment to relax and simply enjoy being.

The author below did just that. I hope you enjoy her story. As for me? I think I’ll make pancakes.

Rainy Days and Sundaes
by Lisa Machi

My parents gave me a wonderful gift a few years ago, a comfy wicker sofa, with big blue overstuffed cushions. It was with that first piece of outdoor furniture that I anointed my back porch. It is a lovely covered porch with steps leading down to a back yard filled with Redbuds and Rhododendron. It overlooks a lush green acre situated behind the red brick house my husband, son and I call home. This gift was special in that it created a sacred space for me to receive inspiration, and find a deep sense of peace. While it didn’t change my life, it did change my outlook on rainy days.

Art is my great passion. I believe in seeing our lives as works of art. Indeed, your life should be your magnum opus, the creative expression of the divinity within you. We should never give up an opportunity to turn whatever beautiful element we encounter in our daily lives into a colorful page in the book of our life. I had the opportunity to make one of those magical moments recently by simply giving my love and awareness to my son and the smell of the rain.

The smell of rain is something that I’ve always loved, even as a child. That scent is somehow more than just something we smell. We feel it as well. It is visceral, and it certainly has an effect on our brain chemistry. The minute you step outside on a rainy day and inhale deeply, letting that scent fill you up, you will experience that peaceful quality it brings with it.

I sit curled up one spring evening in my soft, fleece PJ’s, with a cup of tea and a cozy blanket, watching the rain. I call my son out to join me. Being seven, he was, not surprisingly, less enchanted by the lulling drops of rain and the pure clean smell of the air.

“What is it?” he asks with a sigh and only the slightest hint of annoyance.

“Come and sit with me”. I called him over. He joined me although he was obviously anxious to get back to his game he had been playing, until Mom interrupted him with her ‘love of nature’. But, being the tolerant child he is, he indulged me. He joined me curled up under the thick blanket on the wicker couch, snuggling up by my side.

“Just watch the rain with me for a minute. And, smell the air. Doesn’t it smell good when it rains?”

“Yeah. I guess so.” was his response.

He’s a sweet boy, and he loves his Mom. Loves spending time with me whether it’s playing a board game, splashing in the ocean, trudging through an art museum, or curled up under a blanket watching the rain. I gently stroked his hair for a minute, noticing how it looks like mine did when I was his age, dark honey. I kissed his cheek and told him he could go back to what he was doing. He gave me a hug and a smile and bounded back inside.

I don’t know why we remember the things we do. Why some memories are forever and others fade away. Maybe sitting curled up under a blanket on a rainy day with Mom will be one of those memories he takes with him into adulthood. Maybe he will even hold it up tenderly for perusal after I’m gone. Or, maybe it will slowly fade from memory, only to be one more little butterfly fluttering past his mind’s eye one day as he walks to his car on a rainy day.

Even simple everyday occurrences can be infused with love when we are mindful of them. With our conscious attention they can become something sacred and beautiful. I feel a great sense of gratitude for my life, my child, my home, and for the sense of peace I have had bestowed upon me by just a few quiet minutes spent listening to the rain, smelling it, feeling it, sharing it. I want to take the peacefulness and gratitude that I feel in this moment and share it with the whole world.

I think I’ll go inside now, so we can make sundaes.

Lisa Machi is a proud wife, mother, artist and writer with degrees in psychology and sociology. She is an active volunteer and enjoys studying comparative religion, with a special emphasis on Buddhist and Taoist texts. She is currently at work on her first novel. Go Lisa!

If you are interested in being featured as a guest author, please contact me at

The Becoming a Divine Vessel series continues Monday or Tuesday. Namaste!

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