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Personal Account 8/3/07 — Divine Guidance

Posted by sibbia on August 3, 2007

One thing I often suggest is that we affirm and request Divine guidance in our lives.

Two sample affirmations are:

I request the unfolding of God’s Divine plan in my life.

Old things fall away and I am guided to the right people and right circumstances

to manifest the beauty of God’s plan for my life now.

I call on and follow intuition, my inner knowing,

and I am led to just the right action, at the right time.

But in addition to regular affirmations, it is important to reach out to the Universal mind whenever a decision needs to be made.  Request that God’s wisdom help you decide how to proceed and ask for a definite sign or hunch.  It will be given to you.

Lately, I have been wondering what I could or should add to my product line.  An idea came to me but I wasn’t sure if it was something I should pursue.  I began my normal process of weighing the pros and cons, costs and potential benefits (I do study engineering afterall) when I remembered to let go and simply ask for a direct sign.

Shortly thereafter, I realized I hadn’t read Today’s Daily Word in a few days and looked at today’s message:

Today’s Daily Word – Friday, August 3, 2007

New Adventures

I move forward with enthusiasm for my next adventure.
Now is the time time for the good and the new for acting on ideas that have inspired me. As a child of God, I am guided in ways that lead me to share more good with more people.

I release any unproductive or stagnant patterns from my past and embrace the innovative. My new adventures take many forms, and this may bring a time of change to my lifestyle. I may have opportunities for a new career, to relocate, or to travel. This very day, I discover expanded ways to serve God.

With each adventure, I experience greater freedom of expression. Valuing opportunities to share, I give the very best I have to give and I receive with gratitude. I welcome new adventures, the freedom they bring me, and the good they bring into my life and into the lives of others.

Whenever we have an opportunity, let us work for the good of all. — Galatians 6:10

For this to be the first thing I read after having just requested Divine guide and a definite sign, was crystal clear to me.  I should pursue the other line of inventory.  More importantly, I was told why and how I should do it.  It is just another way to serve God and share more good with more people.  I consider the chance to do that a blessing and something I am happy to pursue.

Asking for Divine guidance provided me with a clear, simple answer which completely bypassed the reasoning mind.  I am grateful for the ability to ask what I should do and find out!

I hope this story helps lead others to request and receive guidance in their affairs.  As always, let me know!

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Creating Spiritual Surroundings

Posted by sibbia on June 22, 2007

This is from today’s daily word. It is a message we could all stand to hear repeated time and time again. Many things our on spiritual path are like that. We’ve heard the message before, understand it, even believe it, but they’ve failed to make a lasting impression on how we live our lives. The ideas have failed to move from the province of belief and intellectual understanding to a deeper knowing that guides our actions.

One way to make spiritual principles a constant part of your life is to make them a constant part of your day. Listen to and read motivational messages, surround yourself with love, beauty and nature whenever possible, spend a moment to recite a few affirmations, say a prayer and contemplate your spiritual beliefs and goals. Above all, develop strong friendships with others who share your goals and beliefs; they will sustain you.

This blog is meant to help us begin to accomplish that. In that vein, here is a message that has helped me today. May it provide inspiration for you as well.

Divine Order

With a peaceful mind and a faith-filled heart, I trust God for right results.

With trust in God, I let go of any apprehension about what might happen today and accept bright, new possibilities. I relax knowing that divine order is unfolding.

Everything necessary for this day to be a success is coming together. Each person involved is inspired to contribute in positive and meaningful ways. Harmony, peace, and mutual respect are evident in every interaction. The activities of this day flow smoothly and bring about exceptional results.

As the day progresses, I may require an extra measure of reassurance and strength. Restating my daily affirmation helps me realign my perspective with thoughts of divine order. Placing my trust in God for right outcomes, I participate in the activities that are mine to complete today.

“He has made with me an everlasting covenant, ordered in all things and secure.”— 2 Samuel 23:5

Remember that seeing is believing and believing is achieving. When you read these words, take a moment to picture the truth of them in your mind’s eye. See it, believe it, achieve it.

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