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Effortless Meditation (Part One)

Posted by sibbia on July 27, 2007

Meditation or trance is a state or practice that we all engage in several times a day.  Any time we find ourselves daydreaming, lost in thought, reliving an old memory or getting caught in the throes of an emotion, we have enetered a state of trance.

Trance —  A state of complete mental absorption or deep musing; detachment from one’s physical surroundings, as in contemplation or daydreaming.

Meditation — Continued or extended thought; reflection; contemplation.

So the question becomes not if we are able to enter trance or how often we engage in a practice of meditation, but what we choose to meditate on and just how consciously we do so.  Some of us believe we have no time to develop a practice of meditation.  Too much has to be done!  There’s no time.  I’ll do it tomorrow or even I don’t know how to meditate properly.  These are the kind of excuses we tell ourselves.

Well, the title of this post is effortless meditation and to cut through all our excuses, this is what we should include in our day — simple, painless meditation.

Simple Meditation Technique #1:  Reading

Carry around a small book that is inspirational.  It could be religious scripture, a handful of affirmation cards, a book of positive quotes, a list of personal goals or a great book on personal achievement to list a few examples.  Get into the habit of carrying it everywhere and flipping through it to read a section whenever you find yourself having to wait.

Why reading?  Reading engages the imagination, creates new ideas and directs the thoughts.  Any reading does this, so why not actively choose reading material that encourages, uplifts and inspires?

Simple Meditation Technique #2:  Music

Various studies have been done on the effect music has on learning, memory and mood.  Music can stir a wide range of emotions and while the effect music has on us cannot be clearly explained or defined, it is quite easy to demonstrate.  Few are the religious practices that do not have an associated type of music, because of the rapturous, trance-like state it helps induce.

That said to include music as a simple meditation tool choose music by carefully examining the lyrics of the song.  Choose songs where the singer is happy, determined, motivated, and/or thankful.  Both gospel and secular music can be used, just pay close attention to the lyrics.  Another option is to pick instrumental or nature’s music.  Select a variety of music.  Pick some that excites you, some that makes you sway along and some that calms and relaxes you.

Music is easy to include during your daily commute, as you wake and right before you sleep and while you work or study.  Take a minute to focus on the piece you’ve chosen and allow it to move you before you get back to your daily grind.

Happy meditating!

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Becoming A Divine Vessel (Summary)

Posted by sibbia on July 12, 2007

The Becoming a Divine Vessel series was presented with the goal of providing us the means to express the divine force inside us on a regular basis.

It is a five step program that is as simple or as complex as we choose to make it.  Any one step can bring great change into our lives if we focus on it with diligent attention.  As a group, they encompass the spiritual Laws necessary to bring us closer to God and reflect God’s light and power into the world.

It is also important to note that these Laws are not only a foundation for spiritual success; they are key to our material success and manifestation as well.  When we realize the Divine plan for our life is whole and perfect, we are content to accept only that which is God’s will for us.  This frees us from envy, fear, worry and doubt, and this freedom opens the channels for the abundant, Universal supply to flow to and through us. 

To review, the five steps that were given to us are:
1. Listen to the Quiet Voice — Seek God’s guidance.  Trust in more than your mind and your senses.  Allow the answer, idea, or help you need to come to you.  Expect it without fear or worry and it will be so.

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you. – Psalm 32:8
2.  Learn to Nurture — Make caring and kindness part of your nature.  Start in small ways and expand on it.  Dedicate yourself to caring for something from thought to finish, remembering you reap what you sow.
3.  Be Creative — A hallmark of God’s nature, creation.  Develop creativity as you would a muscle.  Train it exercise it, and use it daily so that it will be there to serve you when you really need it.
4.  Establish Order — Refuse to let chaos rule in your thoughts or your surroundings.  Pay strict attention to your thoughts, words, and the things you allow to influence you — your surroundings, choice of books, music, movies, etc.
5.  Forgiveness — Let go and let God.  Reconcile yourself with the things of your past.  Hold no resentment or ill will towards another being.  Instead send forth love so that love may return to you.

May these words help to guide you along your path!

The Divine in me recognizes and celebrates the Divine in you,


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Becoming a Divine Vessel (Part Three)

Posted by sibbia on July 3, 2007


Be Creative

Creation. The ultimate example of God’s power. God, the Father, the Mother, the Creator of all living beings.
We too posess this creative spark, this power to bring things to life in the world whether we recognize it or not.

A perfect complement to understanding how our thoughts and perceptions create the reality around us is to go through the act of creation over and over again.

The process of creating a situation in our lives and creating a work of art (or other creation) is essentially the same. We must first clearly determine in our mind’s eye what we desire to create, then holding this picture in our minds we proceed to think, act and speak only as if it’s done. When asked a painter says, I am painting a mountain, a landscape, or a young woman for example, even though there may be little on the canvas to show it right then. A writer sits down to a blank piece of paper (or computer screen) to write a book, a story, an essay, etc. It comes forth from the mind; it is conceived of internally before they was evidence to the outside world

Everything anyone has ever done or accomplished began with an idea held firmly in their mind until the thing or situation existed in the world. And as all acts of creation essentially contain the same steps, this is an extremely important skill for us to practice in as many ways as possible.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Write a story, any story.  Storytelling is an imaginative process full of new characters and worlds to explore. Whether you write 2 pages or 2,000, you are practicing using the power of your mind to create something.

Try your hand at painting, drawing or sculpture.  Dream of something and give it life on paper, canvas or in clay. It need not be a masterpiece, just something you can envision and represent some way in the physical world.

(Re)Decorate a room.  Give it a completely new look. Immerse yourself in colors, fabrics, pictures, comfortable chairs… things that will help you enjoy spending time there. Envision as much detail as possible, then, bring it to life!

Make something new.  A birdhouse, a bracelet, a blanket, a deck or patio… Learn a new skill or capitalize on one you already have. Revel in the finished project knowing you made something that was not there before.

(Re)Create something.  Refinish a table, add decorations to a t-shirt, save, decorate and reuse old glass bottles, rebuild an old car… the ideas are endless. Pick one and you will be practicing looking at what is in front of you and changing it to something different, and is that not what we are trying to do in our lives? Look at situations that are present and reshape them to our own designs?

Happy Creating!

If you have any thoughts about my becoming divine series, please let me know. Part four in the series will be coming soon, please check back often.

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