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The Drive Behind the Blogosphere

Posted by sibbia on November 30, 2007

I once heard a blogger incredulously exclaim, “but that blog isn’t about anything!  They talk about nothing!” once she learned about the high readship/stats of the blog in question.

The statement drew to mind Seinfeld — a highly successful and long running television show.  A program I’ve heard described as a show about nothing.

I believe that show was so fabulously successful in large part because it was about nothing “special”.  It followed a group of friends and all their antics in a humorous but semi-realistic fashion.  The characters had problems nearly everyone could understand, if not relate to themselves.  They were not wildly successful, everything did not always work out in their favor and their situations and mishaps didn’t often step out into the surreal.

It was a show about four (or so) real “lives”.  Likewise, the blog mentioned earlier was primarily about the life of its author.  It contained some rants & raves, opinions and occasionally advice.  It also happens to be wildly successful with that format.

The reason for the success of Seinfeld and that blog, as well as things like Second Life, World of WarCraft and Dragonrealms (the MMORPG that I used to play) is the desire we, as humans, have to connect with one another.

Far too often, our lives can be described by the chaotic three Hs — hectic, harried and hurried.  Worse yet, until we make conscious choices to change it, our lives are plagued with numerous activities we dislike, goals that are not our own and people who don’t share our interests and values.

Because of this, we’ve become more and more isolated and, as such, create new ways to get to know one another, have a lively debate, engage in intellectual discourse or in other words form connections.

One such practice is blogging.  Why do people love blogging so much?  As the author of a blog you have the opportunity to share and connect.  You slowly get to know your readers and other bloggers.  You share your knowledge and opinions and solicit help and advice.  You reach outside the circle of people that happen to be around you and form bonds based on mutual interests and beliefs. Your words can potentially influence hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands…

What’s not to love?

All that and the entire process comes back to forming connections!

On a more personal vein, when I started blogging, my desire was to share ideas and knowledge, to offer something that others may find helpful and I’ve been able to do that.  Now I also want share a bit of me, more mundane issues, opinions on life topics, and so that will be the format of this blog from now on.

So you can drop by here for a little more informal side of me, and visit for the “thoughts to guide your spiritual path” format that I’ve been using.

Here’s to growth and love in the blogosphere!


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Recognizing Some Outstanding Bloggers!

Posted by sibbia on November 24, 2007

Note: The official home of Seeing is Believing; Believing is Achieving has moved to: This will be the last cross post.

This post of mine has been long, (too long!) in planning and development. I’ve taken so long to write this particular post that at least one of the people I’m acknowledging today has already received the same award from someone else!

So without any further ado, I give you Sibbia’s award ceremony!

I was honored with the Beautiful Blog and Blogging that Hits the Mark awards by Catherine. Catherine’s blog focuses on health, with the occasional Scrabble lesson, discussion on education and the details of a historical genius thrown in between. The type of post that I believe makes her blog so worth reading is: An Easy Way to Lower Blood Pressure.

blogging-that-hits-the-mark.jpgI’d like to pass on Blogging that Hits the Mark to:

(drum roll please)

None other than Mark, of the Naked Soul. This is an insightful, prolific blogger who always gives me cause to think. His blog both challenges and inspires me.

As a parent who never condoned the Santa Claus myth and a child who never believed, I suddenly see how the idea could be beneficial to embrace here: Santa & Unconditional Love. Likewise, I find myself looking hard at what I”m doing, what I want and what I think of myself here: You Deserve.

Both post serve as excellent examples of his writing. Thanks Mark for such thought provoking writing!


Enreal! Over at the Journals of Enreal, you will find a mixture of poet, philosopher, loving son daughter!! and encouraging friend. For his her poetry I pass to her the Blogging that hits the Mark award, and for all her encouraging comments, the Nice Matters Award, but now I’m jumping ahead of myself.

A wonderful example of why I chose this blog can be found at this post here: Why You?

beautifulblogaward1thumbnail.pngThe Beautiful Blog award was created by the AntiBarbie, and I am passing this award on to Talking with Night Lights & The Process of Miracles (Morgan’s OTHER site), not only are both interesting writers, they’ve never failed to wow me with the beautiful designs/templates they pick out!

Morgan has just started another experiment! I throughly enjoyed the first experiment, followed her to her new blog, and am eagerly looking forward to the results of her second experiment. She inspires me, and she uses such pretty themes! Here is the first post of her second experiment, great reading and a pretty design.

The next award I have to hand out is the Be The Blog award. This award was presented to me by Opal aka The Vegan Momma, another blogger definitely worth visiting. Her writing helps me explore new ideas and ways of thinking. If you’re like me and are working on your health and energy level, you’ll probably love her post, “Congratulations, you made it!

The award was created by Mark from Me and My Drum and is available in four colors:

Be The Blog award

Be The Blog award

Be The Blog award

Be The Blog award

This badge is for bloggers who make their blog their own, stay with it and interact with their readers and have FUN!”

I am passing this badge to:

and two others. Now while I may not always agree with the next two bloggers, these two women embody the spirit of the award. They have an indomitable spirit, say what they mean and mean what they say. I’ve seen them around several blogs. They are regulars with all my favorite bloggers and from time to time we even visit each other! 🙂 They are not afraid to take on difficult subjects and all who visit either of them receives a warm welcome, so I just couldn’t have an award ceremony without acknowledging them.

That said, the next two recipients of the Be the Blog award are:

SueAnnEdwards and Mother Winter Moon

These posts here are typical examples of their writing:

It’s Elemental My Dear Watson! — I just loved this post! And From the Rib of “Eve”.

Last, but definitely not least, is the Nice Matters Award.


“This award is the Nice Matters Award, and this award is for nice people, good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world. The award should be passed on to 7 others who you feel are deserving of this award.”

This award was given to me by Morgan at The Process of a Miracle, and I think it’s the award I am most proud of!

I am pleased to be able to pass it on to Opal, Mark, Surface Earth, CuriousC, and Enreal with special mention to two of my readers without formal blogs of their own who always make me smile, Jay and Hyacinth.

These people are the type that help make blogging fun! They all quickly answer emails and otherwise interact with you. You’ll find them all around the blogosphere. Special mention to Opal & Morgan for passing on awards and fun memes and to CuriousC, Enreal and Hyacinth who leave comments that just inspire one to write!

And that concludes my first award ceremony! Phew!

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It’s Official!

Posted by sibbia on November 11, 2007

 It’s finally here!  The new domain is live!fireworks.jpg

Here she is:

I will continue to (cross)post here for a number of days/weeks in order for everyone to update their links and readers.

 With the new domain comes a new blog!  I’m keeping the name a secret, just until I have the page presentable enough for visitors, but I can tell you that the new blog focuses more on material concerns and growth in other aspects of your life.

It’s my personal opinion that a blog should have a rather narrow, but deep focus and that is the reason I’ve decided to publish another blog.

There are other plans in the works but this is where I stand now, and as always, I’m following my own advice and “seeing” my successful ventures beforehand.

To your success,



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Becoming Famous?

Posted by sibbia on July 3, 2007

Quick Side Note

I wanted my readers to know that this blog has been entered in a contest. I am using it as a chance to find more readers and reach more people with the ideas that are given to me to write about.

If you’d like to help these ideas reach more people, please click here to fame the blog. The site requires a short registration to vote but nothing more.

I entered the contest rather late since I just heard about it but I don’t need to win, only be picked as one of the top 500 blogs that enter. Fifty blogs are selected each week and you can help me be chosen.

Thanks for your support.  (Part Three of the Becoming a Divine Vessel series is below.)


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