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Goal Setting, Getting Religion and No More Poor Students!

Posted by sibbia on December 15, 2007

A little while ago, I wrote a post called, “But I don’t have the money!”, which deals with limiting beliefs about money and our own personal ability to have something at any given time.

At the end I posed a question, and in the quintessential seeing is believing and believing in achieving vein, and of course practicing what I preach, I’ve been asking myself the same question as well.

Before attending school full-time and some time afterward, I often made the comment about not looking forward to being a “poor college student” or how I’d be a poor college student for a few years but it would all be worthwhile in the long run.

In some ways, I started to create that very reality.

Fast forward a few years and another thought came into my awareness and began to take root in the fertile soil of my mind. That thought is, “I can’t (or shouldn’t) go to graduate school after I graduate. I need to get a job.”

Yet three or four years have passed between my lamenting my evitable fate as a poor college student and the thought that I can’t go to grad school. I’ve done enough work in that time to recognize the thought for what it is — a limiting belief which will play out in the drama of my life if I accept it.

So this means I need to tackle head on the issues which helped create that thought in my head. These are the family obligations that surround my brilliant but difficult child combined with financial concerns.

To that end, I’ve decided to aggressively work on my spiritual development (including a mantra practice, more about that later), family therapy and business building techniques.

To keep myself accountable (and to occasionally solicit helpful input) I’m announcing my goals for 2008 to the blogosphere.

They are to:

  • heal my relationship with my daughter and find her whatever help she needs,
  • gain facility (over 125,000 repetitions) with two mantras and evaluate the results,
  • raise my GPA over 3.59, and
  • earn $2,000 or more a month, part-time, from my own business activities.

I will chronicle my steps to achieving these goals weekly or bi-weekly interspersed with my other writing. If I haven’t made the progress I wanted, I’ll detail that honestly, along with reasons why. Hopefully, what works and what doesn’t will be easy to see and someone else can learn from my trial and error.

My first step for the first two goals have been taken. Monday I will contact the people who are working with me and my daughter and I have chosen my first mantra and have been working with it for a week now. As for my schooling, I’ve decided to start working on organic chem II before the term starts since I have most of the material for that course already. Money is a little trickier — I plan to work on an affiliate program, start another blog, and create a (simple?) program I could use and other bloggers might enjoy.

And this coming Saturday or next, we’ll see how any and all of that works!


“Today is the future you created yesterday, tomorrow is the future you create today.”

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