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The Drive Behind the Blogosphere

Posted by sibbia on November 30, 2007

I once heard a blogger incredulously exclaim, “but that blog isn’t about anything!  They talk about nothing!” once she learned about the high readship/stats of the blog in question.

The statement drew to mind Seinfeld — a highly successful and long running television show.  A program I’ve heard described as a show about nothing.

I believe that show was so fabulously successful in large part because it was about nothing “special”.  It followed a group of friends and all their antics in a humorous but semi-realistic fashion.  The characters had problems nearly everyone could understand, if not relate to themselves.  They were not wildly successful, everything did not always work out in their favor and their situations and mishaps didn’t often step out into the surreal.

It was a show about four (or so) real “lives”.  Likewise, the blog mentioned earlier was primarily about the life of its author.  It contained some rants & raves, opinions and occasionally advice.  It also happens to be wildly successful with that format.

The reason for the success of Seinfeld and that blog, as well as things like Second Life, World of WarCraft and Dragonrealms (the MMORPG that I used to play) is the desire we, as humans, have to connect with one another.

Far too often, our lives can be described by the chaotic three Hs — hectic, harried and hurried.  Worse yet, until we make conscious choices to change it, our lives are plagued with numerous activities we dislike, goals that are not our own and people who don’t share our interests and values.

Because of this, we’ve become more and more isolated and, as such, create new ways to get to know one another, have a lively debate, engage in intellectual discourse or in other words form connections.

One such practice is blogging.  Why do people love blogging so much?  As the author of a blog you have the opportunity to share and connect.  You slowly get to know your readers and other bloggers.  You share your knowledge and opinions and solicit help and advice.  You reach outside the circle of people that happen to be around you and form bonds based on mutual interests and beliefs. Your words can potentially influence hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands…

What’s not to love?

All that and the entire process comes back to forming connections!

On a more personal vein, when I started blogging, my desire was to share ideas and knowledge, to offer something that others may find helpful and I’ve been able to do that.  Now I also want share a bit of me, more mundane issues, opinions on life topics, and so that will be the format of this blog from now on.

So you can drop by here for a little more informal side of me, and visit for the “thoughts to guide your spiritual path” format that I’ve been using.

Here’s to growth and love in the blogosphere!


3 Responses to “The Drive Behind the Blogosphere”

  1. neoauteur said

    I absolutely agree with the sentiments expressed here. Blogging has become one of my primary channels of communications. I have made quite a number of friends since I started blogging. It’s a truly enriching experience.

  2. sibbia said

    Thanks for dropping by. I agree it IS an enriching experience! One that I’m just beginning to truly recognize the potential of.

  3. I like blogs that write about everyday life. I think some of them are popular because people can connect with some of the things that they are doing. Ive noticed that many bloggers look to connect with someone that they think is similar to them, in some way, those type of blogs can provide that. They also tend to be more personable in doing this the author has successfully added a face behind the blog.

    I think you’re right Opal! I suppose I’m trying to add that dimension to my blogging as I notice I’m adding more of “those” type of blogs to the ones I’m reading. And it gives me a way to challenge myself and stretch in new directions. Thanks for dropping by again!

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