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It’s Official!

Posted by sibbia on November 11, 2007

 It’s finally here!  The new domain is live!fireworks.jpg

Here she is:

I will continue to (cross)post here for a number of days/weeks in order for everyone to update their links and readers.

 With the new domain comes a new blog!  I’m keeping the name a secret, just until I have the page presentable enough for visitors, but I can tell you that the new blog focuses more on material concerns and growth in other aspects of your life.

It’s my personal opinion that a blog should have a rather narrow, but deep focus and that is the reason I’ve decided to publish another blog.

There are other plans in the works but this is where I stand now, and as always, I’m following my own advice and “seeing” my successful ventures beforehand.

To your success,




2 Responses to “It’s Official!”

  1. CuriousC said

    Looking forward to the new name/look!

  2. sibbia said

    Hi Curious!

    Well the new look is out, that’s the website.

    As for the new one? I’ll keep you posted! Thanks for your encouragement. I saw another blog/blogger I know (knew?) and liked virtually disappear after a break in writing.

    Personally, I thank you and Hyanicth for that not happening to me.

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