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Be happy when

Posted by sibbia on October 25, 2007

It’s the same song, time and time again; I’ll be happy when.

I’ll be happy when… I have a car… have a new car… finish my car payments… sell my car.

I’ll be happy when… I start dating… get married… have kids… have the house to myself… get divorced… get remarried

I know I’ll be happy when I:                                      

                   Lose weight!
                   Gain weight!
                   Have more money!

This time I’m sure I’ll be happy when I:                                     

                  Refine my goals!
                  Get it right this time!
                  Make a name for myself!

Have you ever let yourself speak the words, I’ll be happy when?

I’ve spoken before about the power our words hold, our thoughts even more so.  So ask yourself, are you holding your happiness hostage?

It’s time to change the song.

I’ll be happy when…                       

                        the sun rises, the stars shine
                        the wind blows, I sense the divine.

I’ll be happy when…                        

                        a baby smiles, a cat purrs
                        when-ever the slightest pleasant thing occurs.
I’ll be happy…


There is too much sadness in the world for us to add to it with the constant pursuit of happiness. 
Instead of always pursuing happiness, make the choice to slow down and let it catch you.  Then spread it where ever you go. 

Happy Butterfly


8 Responses to “Be happy when”

  1. enreal said

    Words of exquisite wisdom. I am happy reading your words!

  2. cocodependent said

    Thank you so much for your comment. It is sometimes a shock to remember that people may actually be reading my blog (lol), but I welcome the insight and advice that others have to offer.
    …I guess the toughest part is just letting go. We go to the same university and live in the same dorm, so it’s difficult to make that clean cut and move on. But I know it’s necessary and that we just weren’t meant to be…
    But thanks again for your kind words of encouragement. They are much appreciated. And I loved this post as well. I agree, it is better to just step back and let blessings come to you instead of seeking them out. It makes them that much more special.

  3. sibbia said

    Hi Enreal, glad you came back to visit. You did us all a great service with your last post.

    Cocodependent… oh how I long to change your name to in/inter/dependent! I have prayed for you and will continue to do so. I remember how it is to feel the way you do, and I hope it passes quickly.

    As for not seeking out your blessings… goodness, no! Pray for clear sight that we might see our blessings everywhere, in everything. Expect (and look for) them in the darkest situation. Ask what you can take, learn, gain from this situation or day. I say the best way to find our blessings is to look for them EVERYWHERE while expecting to find them. 🙂


  4. CuriousC said

    Happiness does not have a time component. Only a decision and/or consciousness of deciding to be so. Great post!

  5. sibbia said



    And if only more of us could remember that most of the time… the world would be a much different place.

  6. So very lovely. I’m going to keep that photo of the butterfly close by in my mind.

  7. sibbia said

    Hi SE!

    Thanks for the complement. You can see a better view of that photo here.

    It’s one of the images I sell (trying to get them all posted for the holidays) and it’s listing is here:

  8. sibbia said


    Just click on the image for a full-size (almost the 8.5 by 11″) view.

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