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The Little Divine Messenger — Personal Account 10/17/07

Posted by sibbia on October 17, 2007

After a particularly difficult morning, my daughter happily bounced into the room.  Pleased to see this change in her, I waited to see what she wanted.

“Hey Mom?”


“God gave me a message for you!”

“Oh, really?  And just what would that be, Simone?”

“God said not to worry!  He’s going to take care of allll of your problems today.  So you can just relax.”

“Is that so?  Did Marcus put you up to this? ….”

After a bit more prodding and her confident little assurances that this was a Divine Revelation, I shrugged my shoulders and thanked her.  I agreed that this was wonderful news and that I would hand over all my problems and concerns to God today and just relax.

And what a day it’s been!

Someone I haven’t spoken to in months popped up to resolve our differences, someone else emailed me to let me know about a source of funding, I received a message to discover that someone had found a craft fair for me to go to in December, the university processed my refund request today… I even decided to ignore the fact that I was running late so that I could stop to pick up something to eat, only to discover the other party was later than I was!

Any and every time I thought, “God’s handling this,” the situation worked out smoothly and I realized I’ve come to depend on myself too much lately. 

This process has worked so well, that I intend to incorporate it all the time in every situation I can and I would like to invite all of you to give it a try.

I want to tell all of you that God is going to take care of all of your problems today, so turn them over!  Now you can just relax.


5 Responses to “The Little Divine Messenger — Personal Account 10/17/07”

  1. CuriousC said


  2. Hyacinth said

    Again, this is so beautiful, encouraging, and thought provoking. I stand with the others who are being blessed by reading this. Actually, it never dawned on me until now that I always refer to God as being strong, and masculine. Perhaps, because I never knew the love of a biological father. When I read he Yogi response: I AM. It reminds me of the Biblical record of when God sent Moses to deliver a message and Moses inquired:”…whom shall I say sent me?” The reply form God was: “I AM THAT, I AM”. From this I gathered that God is whatever I really need Him to be. I love today’s posting. Again, I stand with those who are most grateful. Thanks again Sibbia.

  3. Bless you for sharing this.

  4. Grace said

    I really loved this post…I’ve been working on practicing Surrender every day before I leave the house or whatever. Just saying to God, “You’re in control – I’ll go with the flow”.

    It sure makes for a more peaceful way to live, and I get some amazing answers to some of the ‘problems’ I had been worrying over. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this!

  5. sibbia said


    Thanks for dropping by again. I’m putting together a Science of Achievement class which uses a study group format that you might appreciate. Think about it.

    Hi SE,

    Always good to see you! And more blessings, thank you! It means alot to me when someone blesses or prays for me.

    Hi Grace,

    Welcome to the site! It DOES make for a better, more peaceful way to live doesn’t it? I’m happy to meet someone else who is working on the same thing.


    The book which I took that from is excellent, and written in a way to suit all our busy lifestyles, as short blurbs and one or two page entries. I’m so glad you enjoyed the one I chose to share.

    My favorite way to view God is as my Divine Husband. An encouraging, supportive husband who provides for and looks after me, who I can love completely, give my complete faith, trust and loyalty to, who is my sense of comfort whatever the trouble. Thinking of the Divine as my Husband helps me put into practice all the other techniques for prayer, meditation, manifestation, because it gives me a solid relationship I understand. It’s also a basis for exploring our own personal connections to the divine.


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