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Human Potential

Posted by sibbia on September 23, 2007

What do you think one person can do?  How much can be achieved in one lifetime?  How much can be achieved later in life?

Human potential is a fascinating subject full of quirks, mysteries and much debate.  And this particular period of history is thought by many to offer a better chance for the development of an individual’s true potential than ever before.  But is this true?

We have more (and better and faster) access to information than ever before, but as a whole we use less of it.  We are content with focusing on increasingly narrow specializations without seeking a broader understanding of the happenings outside our field or the world around us.

And when we do dream or wonder or seek to explore, too often we are told (or tell ourselves) that we couldn’t, it’s too much or too big a goal for one person, or we’re too old, don’t have enough time, will never have enough money.

Instead, we remember that we used to want to be a doctor, or start a school, write a novel, learn an instrument, travel more, start a business… but we continue to lead lives that we consider more “practical” or “stable”.

That said, there are brave souls who desire to break the mold.  They are courageous enough to “try to do it all”, or make major life changes.  People who walk away from successful careers to start their own businesses, become a medical doctor at age 50, run several different businesses, websites and blogs, finally climb Mt. Everest and other accomplishments I can only imagine.

Such people are shining examples of what one person can do and how one lifetime can be used.  As this is a fascination of mine, I will profile such people when I run across inspiring stories.

 I hope we all get a better understanding of just how much each of us really can achieve.


5 Responses to “Human Potential”

  1. tobeme said

    We have only scratched the surface of what we are capable of achieving!

  2. Hi Sibbia,

    You’ve been tagged for inclusion in the Personal Development list started and nurtured by Priscilla Palmer (


  3. lacigurl said

    It is funny that you are on quest now for this type of awe inspiring person..maybe you should turn around and look at the girl in the mirror. I hope that you find what you are searching for.
    My guess is that it is right there inside of you right now.

    Best wishes.

    P. S.
    Love your site…will be coming back around to check you out. 🙂

  4. curiousc said

    Hi There! I know you are busy; I miss you. Hopefully you are out there taking that potential and actualizing it! Someone once told me I was ‘pregant with potential’ and just needed a spark to birth it! Kind of a scary analogy but exciting, too… Take care, “C”

  5. sibbia said

    I’ve never had one of my own comments disappear before, so let’s start over:


    I want to know how deep it goes! I want to know how much we can do. How much we *should* do in this one lifetime.


    I just read that post on your blog. That list is looong and awesome! Thanks so much for including me. I know three other blogs who belong on that list.


    You’re so sweet! I will simply have to write more. I miss all my readers and the other blogs and bloggers too. It’s just hard to get a thought in edgewise between the kids’ math, science, social studies etc and my own thoughts of the chemical formulas of most common polymers, the relationship between heat capacity and work, and determining the crystal structure of metals.

    I know, I know… enough excuses!


    Thanks for the kind words.

    The vast majority of what I do are things I feel I *have* to do. It’s rare that I seriously pursue any of the things that I long to be able to do. (music, writing, photography, life experiments…)

    I know I NEVER would have considered homeschooling (particularly while I’m in school) if my youngest didn’t have such extreme difficulties in the school setting.

    When I really look at it, even going back to school was something I felt I just had to do. It was a now or never move (in my eyes).

    And I sit here smiling when I realize that STAYING in school is also something I feel I have to do, even when I know I’d rather be ministering in prisons, speaking to parents, and writing books — mostly at night and on weekends — while I tend to my children’s education instead of my own.

    Thank you for helping me realize that.


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