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Personal Account 9/15/07 — Being a Happy Otter

Posted by sibbia on September 15, 2007

I would like to thank those who have commented on my last post, and take a moment to explain.

I had simply been so tired and irritable and even angry over the last two weeks, that when I did sit down at the computer, I would give myself a tongue lashing over work that needed to be done.  For the most part when I considered this blog, I thought about how I functioned and felt that day and felt unworthy and unable to even receive a message of love, forgiveness, understanding, or better insight into spiritual Laws, let alone communicate one.

I felt like I was sliding backwards and didn’t have the right to speak.

I ignored my own assessment of what is important, the message or the messenger.

It isn’t necessary for us to be perfect, only that we continually strive for improvement.  And on the occassions that our own personal standards are not met, never lower the standard or bemoan the failure.  We must simply accept it as much as possible, without judgment.

 In Wayne Dyer’s book, Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life, which is his translation of the Tao Te Ching, you are counseled to remove judgments.  We are reminded that animals do not perceive themselves or others as beautiful, hardworking, lazy, or industrious.  They simply are.

I will write about that topic and other insights gained from the book soon, but right now I’m taking advice from it and allowing myself to just beI will go where I’m led and do what I’m able, without considering what I should be doing, or finding fault with my actions.

I will simply be a happy otter, playing in the waters of life.


7 Responses to “Personal Account 9/15/07 — Being a Happy Otter”

  1. The 2 Witches said

    Mr. Dyer’s book is on my wish list and I hope to pick it up after the fall semester and enjoy it during the lovely weeks before school resumes for the Spring.

    I love the attitude of simply striving “to be” and to not clutter ones self up with judgement terms.


    Mama Kelly

  2. Jason said

    Come on in, the water’s fine! 😀

  3. Hyacinth said

    Mr. Dyer certainly shares insights that are full of wisdom. For me, to stop “striving”, and surrender by letting go and letting God has brought rewards beyond measure. My overall health, both mentally, physically and emotionally is even better. It feels wonderful, especially when I think on things that are honest, true,just, pure and of a good report. This expels all negativity and blesses me to be a better person.

  4. I’m so glad that you reconnected with a powerful key and you are writing again, because I do enjoy your posts…’er messages. 🙂

  5. I love Wayne Dyer and his Tao teachings. Happy Otter, I’m the turtle, sometimes. I will join you for some merry splish-splashing in life’s pool.

  6. sibbia said


    Nice to meet you! And, like Jason said… come on in! The water’s fine!


    Thanks for the encouragement. My current goal for writing is twice a week for the blog, once a week for the book, we’ll see how that works.

    Dear Hyacinth,

    I’m constantly reminding myself these days that worry serves nothing and there can be no fear where there is faith. Not only do I need more money for school this year (about $7,000), I found out I won’t receive federal funds (Pell Grants, PHEA, subsidized loans etc) next school year… but I’ve turned it over to God and know that there is a supply for every demand, even mine. 🙂


  7. Hyacinth said

    Bless you Sibbia. It took years for me to learn not to worry. Your faith in this matter has touched my heart. I personally know that God does make provisions many times supernaturally. It happened to me when I was in school and other times as well. You see, I too had no money for education, all I had was faith in God, and determination to do my best. Sibbia, there were times when the computers kicked out paid bills for me, and I know that I did not pay them. I have observed the Registrar delete my name from the computer, yet, when I enrolled in another class it kicked out “paid”. After trying to convince them three times that I did not pay the bill, I decided to stop trying to convince them. Money was also sent to me supernaturally to send my son to Theology school, and the firm that sent the check had no record of sending it. The only question I asked was did they send a check to me. They said “no”. The check was cashed by the Theology school over ten years ago, nothing else has been said. God is awesome, He performs His Word. There are many things I dont’t know, or understand. But this is one thing I do know, God is real, He loves His creation, He makes provisons sometimes supernatural. Keep honoring Him, and rest confidently that He will honor you. Even if it is what you consider to be the last minute, what you need will bet there on time. More blessings to you

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