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The Message or the Messenger?

Posted by sibbia on August 29, 2007

“Judge not others, lest we be judged ourselves.” 

What is most important, the message or the person chosen to deliver the words?

If I had been asked this question in the recent past, I’d shrug my shoulders and immediately reply, “The message, of course!”  And I’m willing to bet many of you would do the same thing now, but I have to ask..

Do we really believe that?

How often have we ignored advice or suggestions simply because we believe the person wasn’t “qualified” to give it?  Few of us are completely innocent from this limiting viewpoint.

 We may believe someone is too young, too inexperienced, has too many of their own issues, or whatever other excuse we come up with for ignoring what may be sound advice.

While they may not be perfect, others see us more clearly than we could ever see ourselves.  And the key to important growth or change could come from someone else’s offhand comment.

The universe speaks to us in all kinds of ways and through many types of people — it’s best we learn to listen.


10 Responses to “The Message or the Messenger?”

  1. curiousc said

    Ah, thank you. (and please know that I have referenced YOU and your site on my blog… per your request!) Actually, your post here reminds me of a wonderful person who has the habit of complimenting me TOO MUCH. I can’t trust his good judgements now because they have become … well, TOO MUCH! Yet, I have to say, I am learning more and more to value his comments to me and he is a special friend. It just could be that he is training me to believe more in myself because he believes enough for both of us. So, yes, listen, and DON’T Jump to Judgement, right?

  2. sibbia said

    I’ve felt that way once or twice… maybe it IS just time for us to believe in ourselves, eh?

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. tobeme said

    Thank-you for shedding light where there once existed a shadow. It is true, we never know who is the teacher that we need. Lessons often do not come in a form which we expect or accept. We must be open.

  4. Sophia said

    I am the type that appreciates messages and guidance from others. I try to listen as much as I can. I mean, if they give me advice, I try, when I am able, to do as they suggest, if I agree that their advice is sensible and reasonable.

  5. Sophia said

    Sibbia, it just dawned on me that your name stands for the title of your blog. Neat!

  6. Hi Sibbia,

    It is so true that often because of our perception and subjectivity, we tend not to hear the actual message. We should remind ourself to be open and stop judging!

  7. enreal said

    Sibbia, you raise a very important point. I agree and would actually say it is the person, the holder of wisdom, no matter whom. If they are kind enough to guide and direct their thoughts and energy in your direction, then their energies are the guide and holder of significance in the situation. We are all connected and it is these “signs” that must be acknowledged. Thank you Sibbia…this was great

  8. […] much less money, I could design a simple, powerful center for healing. America hear me! Is it, that it is me with the message vs. those supported by the establishment? In other words, if people are really in need of healing, […]

  9. morgan said

    You are so on target with this post..I think the most you begin to listen to the many multitude of ways that the universe “speaks” judgement becomes not as important as the message a person may present…..good food for thought.

  10. Gorgeous message, delivered with such kindness. I agree with your sentiment.

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