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Food For Thought

Posted by sibbia on August 15, 2007


I think it’s becoming clear by now that I am a big fan of including many simple practices for focusing our thoughts, goals and intentions into our daily routine.  Whether we are looking to experience a greater sense of our connection to all things and our place in the Universe, to find guidance on a particular issue, or achieve some physical manifestation, it is beneficial to have as many reminders of our goal as possible — particularly things that excite one or more of the senses.

Art, music and reading have been discussed as potentially untapped sources of inspiration for our daily meditation practices and they can be potent tools when used well.  But there is something else that can engage all our senses and also serve as a creative platform for visualization, affirmations and thanksgiving.  And that would be…

Our food.

Now before you leave the page thinking that I’m finally off my rocker, I ask you to have an open mind.  Many of us were taught to say a prayer over our food, to give thanks before we eat.  For some of us this process is now done quickly without much, if any, thought.  For others it’s been relegated to distant childhood or yearly family gatherings.

But it would be helpful for us all.

When you can, make the process of preparing and eating your food one of thanksgiving, whether it be a simple lunch or elaborate banquet.  Be thankful for the food, your ability to prepare it, the circumstances in your life that have kept you fed.  Bless the food.  See it sustaining you, doing its part to help you achieve your goals.  In that state, take a moment to picture what you want to accomplish and be thankful that it (or something better) will come to pass. 

Be happy!  Be cheerful!  Be thankful!

Bon Appetit!!


5 Responses to “Food For Thought”

  1. tobeme said

    I don’t think you are off your rocker. You are very wise. The preperation and consumption of food is often taken for granted. To treat each meal as a thanksgiving, to show gratitude and love is a wonderful practice. One which we should all incorporate into our life! Thank-you for this most excellent post!

  2. sibbia said

    Thanks so much for your kind words!

    And you’re right, it IS so often taken for granted. Just a few combinations of simple 5 minute practices like these can really change one’s outlook.

  3. Hyacinth said

    What a beautiful piece of wisdom. Thank you so much for this reminder. We definitely should include love in everything we do,
    I am really determined to do this. Just as you say Sibbia, practices like these can really change one’s outlook. It has mine. My digestion has improved for the better since putting this practice in motion. It really blesses me. I love coming to your site, so full of inspiration. Each visit really delights my soul.

    Wishing you the best,

  4. sibbia said


    It’s words like these that truly make the time spent to create and maintain this blog so worthwhile.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  5. MDB said


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