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When God Says, “No”

Posted by sibbia on August 9, 2007

While I shuffled through and ordered my thoughts, mentally creating a list of what I intended to accomplish, I thought about my children who were unexpectedly home with me.  What they were going to do and what they would enjoy?  Realizing that the computer was the only thing that was absolutely essential for me to get a meaningful amount work done, I opted for a field trip.  It was the perfect time for a trip to the park!

As I packed up the lawn chair, laptop, books and other necessities, my son came into the room to ask if he could go outside.  Knowing that we were headed to the park, and that he would enjoy running through the grass and trees much more, I said no.  He turned tail and left, a bit upset, and I continued packing. 

Ten minutes later, he was happy and cheerfully urging me out the door so we could get to the park.  It was a pleasant trip and more than he asked for initially.

As a parent, I don’t say no to my children out of anger or just for the purpose of withholding something.  As always I do my best to function with their best interest at heart.  

Could we expect God, as the ultimate parent, to do any less?

So remember when you don’t seem to be seeing the results you expect from your prayers, affirmations or other work, don’t despair… God simply has something better planned for you! 


4 Responses to “When God Says, “No””

  1. Morgan said

    That is such better way to view this process of life in relation to God….Takes away much of the need for anger & resentment and leaves only room for hopeful elation t the beautiful path to what we truly desire…

  2. MDB said

    Thats a very nice way of looking at situations and the times when they don’t meet our dreams or expectations. Even if you don’t believe in God, you can substitute in “the Universe” or the like and you end up getting the same meaning and understanding.

  3. wendy said

    Just checking in to see how it’s going. Glad you opted for field time. : )

  4. tobeme said

    Good thoughts. Also what we desire may take a different form or come at a different point in our time.

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