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Life Instructions

Posted by sibbia on August 7, 2007

Too often we have been taught how to survive but not thrive. 
We learn or were taught how to cope but not change. 
We manage to function but not live. 

Here are some thoughts to help change that:

Accept responsibility for everything that happens in your life, both good and bad.

Respect yourself and others.

Learn to truly love yourself and extend that love to others.

Read about and study every subject important in your life:  relationships, finances, career, spirituality…

Wisdom comes from within, seek it out daily.

Take risks.  Go out on a limb — that’s where the fruit is.

When you fall down, GET BACK UP!  (and don’t spend another moment thinking or talking about the day you fell down)

Take the road less traveled and be willing to go where the path leads you.

Write down your goals.  Define them, review them and pursue them.

Dwell on only what you want.  You cannot afford the luxury of a negative thought. 

Make a habit of daily prayer and affirmation

And above all…

Live, love, be happy!


8 Responses to “Life Instructions”

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  2. enreal said

    Sibbia…thank you!! I have a new to do list. But seriously, you are so right.

  3. sibbia said


    Thanks for thinking enough of the blog to make that offer. I’ll go look shortly.


  4. sibbia said


    You’re quite welcome!! I’m always happy to hear my writing is helping someone!


  5. MDB said

    I think the last line is the best. “Live, love, be happy!” SImple, but beautiful. Just focus on that and your life can be great.

  6. tobeme said

    Great wisdom in what you provided us today. Thank-you. We all need these reminders.

  7. Morgan said

    Yeah…all the info I will need as I embark on yet another thirty day journey. Thanks for visiting…I’ll be beack here again soon 🙂

  8. Morgan said

    Yeah…all the info I will need as I embark on yet another thirty day journey. Thanks for visiting…I’ll be back here again soon 🙂

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