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Effortless Meditation (Part One)

Posted by sibbia on July 27, 2007

Meditation or trance is a state or practice that we all engage in several times a day.  Any time we find ourselves daydreaming, lost in thought, reliving an old memory or getting caught in the throes of an emotion, we have enetered a state of trance.

Trance —  A state of complete mental absorption or deep musing; detachment from one’s physical surroundings, as in contemplation or daydreaming.

Meditation — Continued or extended thought; reflection; contemplation.

So the question becomes not if we are able to enter trance or how often we engage in a practice of meditation, but what we choose to meditate on and just how consciously we do so.  Some of us believe we have no time to develop a practice of meditation.  Too much has to be done!  There’s no time.  I’ll do it tomorrow or even I don’t know how to meditate properly.  These are the kind of excuses we tell ourselves.

Well, the title of this post is effortless meditation and to cut through all our excuses, this is what we should include in our day — simple, painless meditation.

Simple Meditation Technique #1:  Reading

Carry around a small book that is inspirational.  It could be religious scripture, a handful of affirmation cards, a book of positive quotes, a list of personal goals or a great book on personal achievement to list a few examples.  Get into the habit of carrying it everywhere and flipping through it to read a section whenever you find yourself having to wait.

Why reading?  Reading engages the imagination, creates new ideas and directs the thoughts.  Any reading does this, so why not actively choose reading material that encourages, uplifts and inspires?

Simple Meditation Technique #2:  Music

Various studies have been done on the effect music has on learning, memory and mood.  Music can stir a wide range of emotions and while the effect music has on us cannot be clearly explained or defined, it is quite easy to demonstrate.  Few are the religious practices that do not have an associated type of music, because of the rapturous, trance-like state it helps induce.

That said to include music as a simple meditation tool choose music by carefully examining the lyrics of the song.  Choose songs where the singer is happy, determined, motivated, and/or thankful.  Both gospel and secular music can be used, just pay close attention to the lyrics.  Another option is to pick instrumental or nature’s music.  Select a variety of music.  Pick some that excites you, some that makes you sway along and some that calms and relaxes you.

Music is easy to include during your daily commute, as you wake and right before you sleep and while you work or study.  Take a minute to focus on the piece you’ve chosen and allow it to move you before you get back to your daily grind.

Happy meditating!


4 Responses to “Effortless Meditation (Part One)”

  1. Thank you as always for your timely and clear reminders to those of us on the path, seeking and looking for messages that make sense.

  2. tobeme said

    Very good examples of how we can choose to activily meditate. Too many peoples choice of trance is in front of the TV.

  3. sibbia said


    I’m glad I can help a bit! I try to keep things simple, down to earth and useful! 🙂


  4. sibbia said

    Mark (I’m guessing based on the comments on your blog that’s what I should call you 🙂 ), thanks for stopping by! And you are sooo right about the TV. Everything in moderation (if at all in some cases).

    The TV policy has been lax in my house since school’s out. One day, to put a stop to the morning homage to television and video gams that my children had been performing, I told them they had to stop “worshipping false Gods”. They needed to slowly wash, get dressed, eat and come tell me some things they were happy for and how they’d like their day to go.

    If only we adults would also slow down in the morning, relax and be thankful. Even our morning coffee can be a meditation if we want it to be.

    Oh, and the kids are still trying to figure out how the TV’s a false God. 🙂

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