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Do you believe in destiny?

Posted by sibbia on July 24, 2007


There seems to be much debate over the idea of destiny vs free will, as if the two ideas are some type of irreconcilable paradox. Those in the corner supporting free will advocate choice, personal responsibility and the idea that we create our own reality.  Concepts like fate, destiny and karma have no purpose in that stance.

Looking at the definition of fate as “an inevitable and often adverse outcome, condition or end,” this way of thinking can be understood.  After all, if all that we will do, achieve or experience has been predetermined, what is the point of trying or striving? 

We are mere victims of the capricious fates!


We are victims of nothing unless we choose to be, for that is a matter of perspective and perception.  That being said, we still have a destiny.

But what about personal choice?  What about “seeing is believing and believing is achieving?”

The two are not mutually exclusive.  In Dan Millman’s book, The Life You Were Born to Live, destiny is likened to an inner mountain that we have been given to climb.  This mountain ultimately symbolizes issues, personal conditionings, and negative traits that we must overcome.  It also guarantees certain types of situations will be presented to us so we can learn what it is we have come here to learn (our climb up the mountain).  How we handle situations presented to us, the outcome of our experiences, including lessons learned, is completely within our control.  That certain experiences or situations must be drawn to us is an example of “you reap what you sow” (karma) and/or the principle behind seeing is believing and believing is achieving — the Law of Increase. 

Thoughts of one topic or idea call to other thoughts on the same topic and eventually align you with that idea.  This is easily demonstrated.  Think of a class you used to attend.  Remember when it was and where it was held. Dwell on that for a few seconds.  Now what else comes to mind?  The teacher?  Classmates?  Homework assignments?  Some experience you had there?  This is also the principle behind brainstorming, one idea calls to other ideas and so on and so on.  So focusing your thoughts and attention on an idea or desire cannot help but to cause it to grow in your mind and eventually be born into the world.

This is also true of any perceived problems!

 Many of these problems (issues, conditionings) are what we came here to master.  That we would have such “problems” was predestined and all we have to do is take a good look at our life to realize the true of that statement.

 Not one of us is free from some conditioning or circumstance that we encounter over and over again, in many ways, and through many people.  How we handle that is completely up to us.

We were given the mountain to climb, but it is us who must make the journey.  It is our choice to strive upward, stand still or coast downhill.  It might be a long, winding path for some, or straight and narrow for others, but the journey is uniquely ours, controlled totally by us and is, at once, both utterly exhilarating and terrifying!

Have faith, move forward, and go live! 

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2 Responses to “Do you believe in destiny?”

  1. Morgan said

    I love your blog…have i told you that lately???Excellent post…getting caught up in the minor details of life, fate, karma and destiny sort of take the wonder out of it all. For me I like to think of life as one of those books I used to read as a kid…with each new page you had to decide the next move of the character in the story..each choice led to a different story…sort of like life..there is a path to be traveled upon…but the directions that we go are entirely up to us :

  2. sibbia said

    I really like your analogy, Morgan. I remember those choose your own adventure books, and life is alot like that. We have the starring role in the story of our life. Places, other characters and certain situations all have a defined role but what happens in the story all depends on what we choose.

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