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You Are God!

Posted by sibbia on July 18, 2007

I’ll say it again, you are God.  How can I make such an audacious claim?  Many of us recognize that the divine force is part of everything and resides in us as well, and yet don’t seek out the realization of that perfect divinity.

They may accept Jesus Christ as the son of God, without realizing that we are all sons and daughters of God, or remembering that Jesus said that we were to go forth and create even bigger works (miracles).  To the average man, this is an impossible, ludicrous statement.  Yet I remind you that we are made in God’s image and likeness and we are all an expression of only one divine force.

We are as the waves on top of the ocean — made in its image and likeness but lacking its full power and realization until we merge back to the source from which we came.  When we focus on God and God-like behavior, we are beginning that process of reconnection, for we have been surely told, “draw closer to God, and God draws closer to you.”

The highest aim of this blog is to help us realize and express our divinity.  This is the answer to any question we face, and the supply to our every need.  Everything I write, design, create and photograph is meant to inspire the very best in our nature.  Sharing and providing service to others helps strengthen my commitment to bringing light into world (starting with myself).

The more we recognize our own divinity, the stronger our faith becomes.  Fears vanish and our lives become more harmonious as we transcend the ego and align ourselves with the divine.

Piercing the veil of illusion that makes us believe we are seperate individuals removes selfishness and competition from our hearts and we being to understand our collective power.

Is this some lofty, difficult goal?  No.  Must we run off to the mountain top to meditate for ten years, forsaking all worldly concerns?  No, for how would we be of any use to others then?  When faced with a challenge, a crisis, temptation, dilemma… say to yourself simply:

Only that which is true of God is true of me for God and I are one.

Let this thought guide you, ask what God would do in that situation and do your best to behave in the same manner.  In that instance, you have reached toward God and God reaches back toward you.

There is only one thought that comes through me to share with everyone today and that is:

You Are God!

I am the artist; I am the Creator, and my life is as divine as I make it. 

See it, believe it, achieve it.

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8 Responses to “You Are God!”

  1. mlf1070 said

    That’s a good thought, but no ‘flesh’ is god… not yet. What is born of flesh is flesh(doomed to death), and what is born of Spirit is spirit(eternal life). The good news is that God has already taken care of the process. There is physical DNA and spiritual DNA. To the caterpillar it’s the end, to the butterfly it’s the beginning.

    A really good book on this subject is SonPlacing by Garrison Russell. Available at

  2. sibbia said

    Ahh, but we are not the flesh that is our body, which will indeed, surely die. The body just houses us. Nor are we the sum of our conditionings — thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires. This is simply the ego, the personality.

    We are all connected because we are all an expression of one force, one energy, one power — God. That is what we are.

  3. mlf1070 said

    Thanks for clearing that up, but not all human beings are impregnated (or infused) with the Divine Life Force (Holy Spirit)
    until they come to God through His Son, Jesus. It takes two to produce a new life…in the flesh as well as the spirit. That’s the mystery of becoming one of the Eloyim (God creature). When God produces children, they become like Him (spiritual DNA). Our flesh indeed houses the spirit, but that spirit must receive the transfer of Life to become a new creature in Christ Jesus. Some get it now, some get it later, but ALL will eventually be reconciled to God. We are not born with an “immortal soul”, we must acquire Life from the Life-giver. We are born with a feminine spirit, Jesus provides the masculine Spirit and when His spirit is infused into our spirit, then the process of birth begins.

    True Christianity is not a religion, it’s a Way of Life. Organized religion has blinded the masses to the pure Truth of the Bible…”broad is the way that leads to destruction; narrow is the Way which leads to Life, and few there be that find it”(in their earthly sojourn). When we are resurrected, we’ll see things in a whole new light. Until then we see through a glass darkly…and it has not entered into the mind of man all the things God has prepared for them that love(agape-divine love)

    You are on the path God chose for you. And you are blessed with knowledge that the prophets of old yearned for.

  4. Hi Sibbia. Funny, I remember a time, the not so distant past, when I struggled with difficult issues, communication between people, etc., and my trick for myself was to ask, what would God say or do? Many times I had no clue, so I was silent instead, but it gave me a buffer to reach for a different solution.

  5. Morgan said

    God loves you…
    God loves me…
    That makes us all equal and the same.
    All peices in the puzzle of the whole.
    Excellent post to remind us all of our true birthright.

  6. sibbia said

    Surface Earth: That IS funny! When I was a teenager, I had a friend who I adored and many times (to keep myself out of trouble) I would ask, what would he do, what would he say and let that guide my actions.

    In my late 20s, I asked myself what would happen if I always asked myself what would God do, what would God say and let THAT guide my actions. I really need to get back to that.

    Morgan? “All pieces in the puzzle of the whole.” Very well said!

  7. Rajiv said

    Beautiful Post there. Yes, you are true we all are sons and daughters of God. This reminds of the Hindu class of “Yoga Vasistha”. Read about it:

    This is an amazing book if you ever could read in your life.

    Thanks for the wonderful post.

  8. Hyacinth said

    The epistle to the chruch at Galatia records that faith in Jesus Christ makes children of God. True, God created everything, but the Scriptures reveal there is a difference between creation and ownership. Another thing I find striking is John 8:44 which records that the devil is the father of some.

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