Seeing is Believing; Believing is Achieving

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As a Man Thinketh…

Posted by sibbia on July 16, 2007

Thoughts are the foundation of all our mental pictures and, as such, they are responsible for all the situations we draw to ourselves in life.  We must develop a constant practice of guarding our thoughts and allowing our mind’s eye to see only that which we want to happen for ourselves and others.  This is what’s meant by seeing is believing and believing is achieving.

Learning to control our thoughts and emotions can be a difficult and time consuming process for some, but even if you cannot always control your thoughts (yet), you CAN control your words.  This is the point of affirmations.  How to use affirmations was discussed in the last post, so it won’t be covered again just now.  I do, however, want my readers to look forward to the future inclusion of a new page on this blog; one especially for affirmations.  Any that I have written or found useful will be included.

In addition, I’ve decided to make my affirmation cards available to any of my readers who would like one.  These cards are approximately 4 x 6 and laminated.  Some include pictures and scripture, all include affirmations I’ve found particularly helpful for different subjects.  They are meant to be carried everyone and easily fit in a purse or back pocket.

I’ve found myself facing a challenge and my personal response to this is the same that is advocated on this blog — give, nurture, be creative, have faith and be thankful.

I know that my success comes through helping others and what could be better than helping others become more successful?

If you’re interested in receiving a card for yourself or a friend, please send me an email,, include your name, address, and type of situation you are faced with or problem/trait you want to address.

Remember, all roads lead to God.



6 Responses to “As a Man Thinketh…”

  1. Hyacinth said

    Such beautiful insight. Believe it or not, for so long I did not even realize my thought life could be controlled by me. If there is such a thing as “a spirit of worry”, I developed one through my thought patterns, solely out of ignorance. It is so wonderful to know that I have something to say about what my thought life entertains. To be able to turn the chatter off, and replace it with positive things is really a blessing to me. The most positive things I know stems from the word of God. For example, when it comes to forgiving others, I am reminded from the Scriptures that if I don’t forgive others, I will not be forgiven, I cannot not afford not to be forgiven. So, I affirm: ” I forgive because I have been forgiven”. Once I focus on what has been given to me, it has a way of eventually taking me past the things that were taken from me. I have really been blessed by today’s article.

  2. sibbia said

    Dear sweet Hyacinth! You’ve no idea how much your words have brightened my day!

    I really owe a special thanks to you, Lisa, the wonderful writer, Morgan of a process of miracles, Wendy from talking to nightlights, and the voice behind reasons to live (oooo what is her name??). The comments you guys have given me help me stay focused on changing myself and helping others… both are such wonderful, exciting feelings.

    Thank you!

  3. morgan said

    Yeah…your back..or have been back and I didn’t stop by to check…YIKES.But as usual your words convey the simplistic nature of the concepts which I myself confuse the “heck” (for lack of a better word) out of. The affirmation cards are a wonderful idea to have a tangible peice of your thoughts or desires. I gave my sister something similar for her chemo sessions…it only had one word on it “courage” I told her if she felt scared all she had to do was reach in her pocket to know that even without her own….We had given her some of ours.

  4. sibbia said

    Summer is vending season! I’m off somewhere new this Saturday too. One of these days I have to put a link to all my pictures etc on this blog. Anyway, glad you came back to visit and share, and I love that story!!

    How’s your sister been after you brought her back home anyway?

  5. sibbia said

    Oh, one more comment. I’ve always believed anything could be presented simply. It just often isn’t. That said I’m “reading” (audio book) The Essence of Self-Realization by Swami Kriyananda. It’s made up of quotes, sayings, stories etc meant to illustrate some point of his teacher. Everything is wonderfully simple, yet bears pondering on at the same time. It’s recommended!

  6. wendy said

    Thank you for the compliment! I found this item in a search and then lost it…before I could respond! I think you have a great site. wendy : )

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