Seeing is Believing; Believing is Achieving

The Personal Experiment

Powerful Affirmation

Posted by sibbia on July 15, 2007

Here is one of my personal affirmations.  It is a perfect follow up to the post below and should be used several times every day to be most effective.  It should be used continually when thoughts of failure, lack or fear threaten to creep into your mind, it will drown them out.

I hope you find it helpful.  As always, I would love to hear your results.


Success in the Here and Now 

My thoughts contain only success.  My eyes see only success.

My ears hear only success.  My hands prepare for only success.

This is the secret to why I achieve only success.


One Response to “Powerful Affirmation”

  1. Hi Sibbia,

    Thanks for the affirmation card. It’s a convenient inspirational tool.

    Peace and blessings,

    Continuum Wellness

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