Seeing is Believing; Believing is Achieving

The Personal Experiment

Don’t Get Your Hopes Up!

Posted by sibbia on July 15, 2007

Has this ever been said to you?  Have you ever said this to someone else?

Don’t get your hopes up is a warning often given with the purest of intentions.  It is an admonishment to be cautious, wary, to hold back and not fully commit.

It should be permanently banished from our vocabulary.

Seeing is believing and believing is achieving, yes.  Now what are you see if you tell yourself or someone else, don’t get your hopes up?  Lack, limitation, failure, disappointment and despair is the answer to that question. Is this the mental picture you’re trying to create?  The outcome you’re trying to achieve?

The best way to avoid (or shield someone else) from major disappointment is to absolutely refuse to validate that emotion in any way; refuse to allow any thought of failure into your mind.  Instead, accept this was not part of the wonderful plan for your life at this time and be happy!

Why should you be happy?  Because if this wasn’t meant for you, something better is!  And the beautiful thing is that the seeds of what IS truly meant for you probably lie right within your perceived loss or failure.  So look for those seeds, nourish them, be thankful for them, and the next time you face a risky situation…

Get your hopes up!


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