Seeing is Believing; Believing is Achieving

The Personal Experiment


Posted by sibbia on July 4, 2007


Independence day is celebrated in various countries all over the world on different days. It is the celebration of trimuph over injustic, tyranny, and oppression.

As you go forth to socialize and celebrate or settle in for a well deserved rest on this holiday, make this the day you celebrate your own independence.

The time is now and the place is here.

Celebrate and affirm your independence from fear, doubt, worry and negative conditionings. These things seperate us from and blind us to the powerful and unlimited opportunities for good to come into our lives.

Today is the day. Expect the unexpected, realize you have no problems only blessings in disguise, no challenges, only situations with which to prove your strength, no worry, only faith which sustains and guides you and no lack, only the unlimited universal supply which you now embrace.

The greatest revolution has occurred — within your spirit and today is the day for you to be free.

Happy Independence Day!

Fear not… the Becoming Divine series continues after the holiday.


5 Responses to “Freedom”

  1. I love your blog…
    it is all about freedom today isn’t it.
    Freedom to love.
    Freedom To laugh
    Freedom to embrace ourselves for the absolute wonders we are.


  2. sibbia said

    Thanks so much for the compliment. I hope the blog helps you with your own process of creating a miracle.

    And very well said! I love that last line… “freedom to embrace ourselves for the absolute wonders we are”, we all should do that, starting today and continuing everyday.

    I’ve created a link to your blog titled “One Woman’s Journey”.

  3. morgan said

    Thanks……you make me cry..Sniff….sniff. I also linked to you….Seeing is Believing.

    I guess you can say I believe…because I “see” all that is everywhere and it is beautiful…like butterflies.


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    Great post! Very informative and worthy of pinging 🙂

  5. Your hotel Break

    Thanks, Interesting read.

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