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Becoming Famous?

Posted by sibbia on July 3, 2007

Quick Side Note

I wanted my readers to know that this blog has been entered in a contest. I am using it as a chance to find more readers and reach more people with the ideas that are given to me to write about.

If you’d like to help these ideas reach more people, please click here to fame the blog. The site requires a short registration to vote but nothing more.

I entered the contest rather late since I just heard about it but I don’t need to win, only be picked as one of the top 500 blogs that enter. Fifty blogs are selected each week and you can help me be chosen.

Thanks for your support.  (Part Three of the Becoming a Divine Vessel series is below.)



2 Responses to “Becoming Famous?”

  1. Lisa said

    Very cool! I also went to and “dugg” you (your Divine Vessel series) there 🙂
    Happy 4th!

  2. sibbia said

    That was you? I didn’t recognize the username! Thanks so much for your support. It’s you who gave me the idea to submit to digg later 🙂

    And your article’s coming!!

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