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Becoming a Divine Vessel (Part Three)

Posted by sibbia on July 3, 2007


Be Creative

Creation. The ultimate example of God’s power. God, the Father, the Mother, the Creator of all living beings.
We too posess this creative spark, this power to bring things to life in the world whether we recognize it or not.

A perfect complement to understanding how our thoughts and perceptions create the reality around us is to go through the act of creation over and over again.

The process of creating a situation in our lives and creating a work of art (or other creation) is essentially the same. We must first clearly determine in our mind’s eye what we desire to create, then holding this picture in our minds we proceed to think, act and speak only as if it’s done. When asked a painter says, I am painting a mountain, a landscape, or a young woman for example, even though there may be little on the canvas to show it right then. A writer sits down to a blank piece of paper (or computer screen) to write a book, a story, an essay, etc. It comes forth from the mind; it is conceived of internally before they was evidence to the outside world

Everything anyone has ever done or accomplished began with an idea held firmly in their mind until the thing or situation existed in the world. And as all acts of creation essentially contain the same steps, this is an extremely important skill for us to practice in as many ways as possible.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Write a story, any story.  Storytelling is an imaginative process full of new characters and worlds to explore. Whether you write 2 pages or 2,000, you are practicing using the power of your mind to create something.

Try your hand at painting, drawing or sculpture.  Dream of something and give it life on paper, canvas or in clay. It need not be a masterpiece, just something you can envision and represent some way in the physical world.

(Re)Decorate a room.  Give it a completely new look. Immerse yourself in colors, fabrics, pictures, comfortable chairs… things that will help you enjoy spending time there. Envision as much detail as possible, then, bring it to life!

Make something new.  A birdhouse, a bracelet, a blanket, a deck or patio… Learn a new skill or capitalize on one you already have. Revel in the finished project knowing you made something that was not there before.

(Re)Create something.  Refinish a table, add decorations to a t-shirt, save, decorate and reuse old glass bottles, rebuild an old car… the ideas are endless. Pick one and you will be practicing looking at what is in front of you and changing it to something different, and is that not what we are trying to do in our lives? Look at situations that are present and reshape them to our own designs?

Happy Creating!

If you have any thoughts about my becoming divine series, please let me know. Part four in the series will be coming soon, please check back often.

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