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Becoming A Divine Vessel (Part One)

Posted by sibbia on June 28, 2007


If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change. ~ Buddha

This is the first of a series of posts with thoughts, ideas and tips to help us embrace the divine within ourselves and express it in the world. May it prove to be useful to you.

Listen to the quiet voices

In-spiration, the process of being guided from within. A very important practice we can learn and develop is the ability to trust our intuition to learn to trust the small voice inside of us that gives us ideas, warns us of problems, suggests we suddenly call a friend, visit a store, try this new idea.

The more we acknowledge and honor this voice inside of us, the better we are able to harness its power to know exactly what to do in every situation. Learning to expect inspiration and acting on it when we receive it, strengthens and encourages our ability to connect to the Universal Mind which offers a perfect solution to every situation.

A word of caution, however. Intuition and inspiration are not rational thought processes. It is not a matter of “trying to figure things out.” This is not to say we should never use our minds to reason through a problem. We simply should not confuse the two. Our own thoughts and those that come from somewhere outside ourselves are loud, noisy creatures. They can confuse us, annoy us, circle around our heads and disturb our peace, if we allow them to do so. Divine knowledge and inspiration happen quietly and can easily be lost in the tumble of our own nosiy thoughts.

We must develop a practice of quieting our thoughts, removing ourselves from the situation, “sleeping on it”, stopping to meditate and trusting that guidance will come to us. And when it does… act.


2 Responses to “Becoming A Divine Vessel (Part One)”

  1. Lor said

    well said.
    those living extremes will not be able to hear your message however, but those ready to do it will see your message.

  2. sibbia said

    Someone may read this post and decide to pursue a vague but long held dream, someone else may listen to the little voice that says “Go this way today” and be spared from harm or suddenly meet his or her future spouse.

    Some may not “hear” the message the first time this is read but remember it later instead.

    All I can do is hope I am helpful to someone.

    Thanks for the comment — I love to hear what someone else has to say about what I write.

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