Seeing is Believing; Believing is Achieving

The Personal Experiment

Words of Power

Posted by sibbia on June 26, 2007

How do you speak? What do you talk about?

Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right” — Henry Ford

I recently found myself in need of a book. It cost a good deal more than I wanted to spend and I fought to avoid the cost, checking both public and university libraries. As I did so, I complained to a friend about not being able to find it.

My words sound petulant to my ears now.

“It costs too much!”

“It’s not fair! Why doesn’t one of the libraries have it?”

I was strongly impressing the idea of lack and injustice in my mind. I made the statement that I could not afford to part with my money to buy a book.

We influence ourselves an the world around us with the energy and vibrations of our thoughts and words. It is these words and thoughts that bless or condemn us, and a recognition of our divinity cannot happen if we do not understand, and pay heed to, the power of our words and thoughts which underpin our beliefs.

Recognizing my mistake, I immediately made the affirmation:

There is no lack in the divine mind. I am able to purchase a book or anything else I need to be more successful. The purchase is an investment that will pay for itself many times over.

Repeating it several times, I went off to buy the book.

What do you tell yourself that you can’t have, cannot afford, can’t do?

Consider the author in the movie Stranger than Fiction who discovers that the words she pens actually come to pass. Imagine if everything you said or thought came true. Think of the consequences, both good and bad, for yourself and those around you.

And then treat your words as if they have such power.


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