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The Power Of Prayer

Posted by sibbia on June 20, 2007


My last post discussed finding the stuff of our dreams so we could begin to make them reality.  Today we’re going to look at creating that reality through prayer. 

Prayer is a powerful force both on our minds and the world around us.  It should be used regularly and never discounted.  The key to making use of the full potential of prayer is to realize that we are not praying to something outside of ourselves.   

There is nothing wrong with supplication to our ancestors, the universe, angelic forces and the like but a strong faithful prayer is meant to call on the divine force that resides in us all.   

It is a realization that we are Divine Beings – that we are created in the very image of God – and when we align ourselves with the divine will, we invite the divine to work through us.  This ensures a harmonious answer to our problems, our needs and our wants.   

It is a matter of reaching within to change things without.  We do not try to control or predict the outcome during these prayers but instead have faith that it will be satisfactory.  We place the prayer in the hands of the divine which resides within us and every living thing knowing God’s will will be done and that absolutely no power on earth can thwart it. 

This is what allows us true faith.


2 Responses to “The Power Of Prayer”

  1. Hyacinth said

    Prayer is no doubt a powerful force. We are instructed through the Scriptures that man (mankind) should always pray. A segmental definition for prayer is referenced to an attitude of the heart. It is possible to pray in any desirable bodily position.

  2. sibbia said

    Pray often, pray sincerely and if possible, with someone else as well.

    I’ll soon include a page just for open prayer request; sometimes we just need support.

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