Seeing is Believing; Believing is Achieving

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Dare to Live

Posted by sibbia on June 19, 2007

                       Take a chance

What do you really want out of life?

Seeing is believing and believing is achieving, but have you stopped to seriously consider what you want to achieve?  If the sky was the limit, what would you do?  

How would you live? 

Where would you live? 

Who would live there with you? 

What would your work look like? 

These are questions that should be addressed a few times a year as what we want, and our motivation behind it, may change.  People and situations come and go from our lives changing our priorities, but our ability to manifest, to use our imaginations, our creative power to change our lives never leaves us. 

What do you want to harness that power to accomplish? 

Envision it, write it down, find pictures that represent the thing or situation and place them where you can always see them.  See yourself happy and enjoying the situation several times a day. 

Then… take a chance.  Act on your dream, accept some risk, be open to having, and creating the opportunities for what you want in your life. 

Be bold.  Be daring.  Be creative. 

And live!        


5 Responses to “Dare to Live”

  1. These look like good suggestions. I have to add, however, that I saw many similar suggestions over the years but failed to act on them, because I wasn’t in the right place psychologically.

    The most important suggestion in the post is, “Act on your dream.” To have a fulfilling life, you have to be doing something that actually matters to you. Then you have to go ahead and start doing it, without fear of failure or worrying about what other people will think of you. The very experience of being able to do this will boost your self-confidence and make it easier to keep at it.

    If you find yourself unable to start, despite intellectually understanding all this, there’s probably some inner problem that’s holding you back. In my case it was social anxiety that made me fear being rejected or ignored. This was exacerbated by a cultic experience in my youth that made me very anxious about maintaining my political commitments as a source of meaning and purpose, inhibiting me intellectually as well as using up time I could otherwise have spent improving my social skills and widening my social network.

    I finally started really changing just in the past couple years, with the aid of a series of inhibition-lowering factors, starting with Cuddle Parties and most recently including a prescription for paroxetine, an anti-anxiety medication.

  2. sibbia said

    One way to get and stay in the “right place” mentally is to keep reminders around you at all times.

    Don’t read a motivational book once, be inspired for a week and forget it. Re-read the book, find others, use daily messages, practice affirmations.

    Never underestimate your own ability to change.

  3. Hyacinth said

    The suggestions are excellent. Most people believe that ful-filled dreams equals happiness. But, what happens when someone has a big dream to come true only to find that the dream “patched up” for a season, but the quest for happiness marched on? I am a victim, or shall I say a recovering victim. The one thing that really helps me to change in a peaceful manner is to consider the Scriptures. There is an Old Testament passage where the creator spoke through the prophet Jeremiah: “Call, and I will answer, and show you great and mighty things that you know not” (33:3)…Then, I referred to the Proverbs:..”in all your ways acknowledge Him, and he shall direct your paths”. I took this to be personal, and began to ask the creator to help me with the desire for the things that would bring the happiness I seek. Through Trust and Faith, it is happening, my contentment is greater than ever before.

  4. sibbia said

    Thanks for your comments Hyacinth! (I do so looove comments) As for the what if…?

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say if we’ve accomplished “a dream” of ours only to find ourselves unsatisfied later, that what we really achieved was a goal or we successfully attained some thing.

    What’s the difference or how can this be? I think you’ve touched on it already. It is not in things that we find happiness. It is in alignment with the Divine. And your true calling, that most fulfilling way you’d love to spend your entire life, the things that are perfect for you?

    They are there waiting for us to seek them out and claim them, waiting for us to have the faith and courage to do so.

    I’m just starting to seek that out for myself.

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