Seeing is Believing; Believing is Achieving

The Personal Experiment

What do to when things aren’t going as we want…

Posted by sibbia on June 11, 2007

Just keep on standing

If seeing is believing and this believing is the master key to achieving what it is we want in live, what should we do when we aren’t “seeing” the picture we’ve conceived of in our minds?

 Ignore the apparent obstacle, challenge or problem that presents itself to you.  Affirm that what is meant for you is yours, already and give thanks for having it.  Accept that it may not come as you imagined it, and work to “let go and let God.” Acknowledge that things often come when least expected and not at all how we planned them.

 Hold on to the desire of your heart knowing that you will receive what is needed before the 11th hour.  Repeat to yourself that the Universe has an endless, abundant supply and that you are open to receive it.

 Whether you are trying to manifest money, a job, a life partner, assistance with legal matter, resolution to family conflicts or any other righteous desire — continue to see and expect the outcome you desire, regardless of external appearances.

Even those who live in great balance and understanding of spiritual law will be confronted with situations that do not go as expected or seem to “fall apart” in ways that seem contradictory to our beliefs, visualizations and affirmations, but this does not faze them.  There is faith that all is as it should be and all will be as it should.  My will is only for the divine plan and divine plan will come to pass.

 Make this your affirmation for today — it has been mine, and I hope it proves helpful to you as well. 

So when life tosses you about, center yourself, rise, and align yourself with Divine will.

Remember:  “the failure is not in falling, but failing to rise every time we fall.”


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