Seeing is Believing; Believing is Achieving

The Personal Experiment


Posted by sibbia on June 3, 2007

Preparing to vend is a time consuming process, one that’s been slowed even more by the pain I’ve been dealing with in my hands/wrists.  Seeing the problem I have with typing, picking up/holding to items, turning things etc., I’ve had to wonder what am figuratively I trying to “hold on to”.  In what ways have I become more inflexible in my thoughts and actions?  What incorrect thoughts and beliefs am I feeding which are manifesting themselves in my body?

 In analyzing the past conflicts I’ve had with my daughter and my fiance, I realize I made a drastic mistake.  I allowed myself to feel stressed out and overwhelmed.  I considered someone else and external circumstances the source of my frustrations, instead of properly acknowledging that it was only how I chose to think about the situation that created problems.

 I realize now that I was in violation of the law of the universe which says the divine is presence in everyone and all things and so no one and no thing can be against you.  The situation with my finace began to resolve itself the moment I stopped trying to control what happened; the moment I was ok with not having him if it was not divine will.  My daughter also continue to improve as I focus on seeing (imagining) the change I desire in her behavior and do all I can to SHOW her, through my actions, how she should behave.

Now, while I wait to be able to see a specialist, I see my body as perfect in every way, healed and whole, undisturbed by the ravages of negative thoughts and emotions.


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